Saturday, May 10

What I REALLY Want To Do On Mother’s Day

This is a further tag from Mum & Kids In Wonderland by Elaine who has shared her fantasy celebration with her mum on this coming Mother’s Day. Anyway, I hope that her dream would really come true and she can spend a valuable day just with her mum alone.

Well as usual like every year, I will have a dinner with my mum and also my mum-in-law. But this time, I bought both of them a present!

For My Mum

For My Mum-in-law

Both of like the gifts very much. Actually deep in my heart, I have a dream for my dear mum.

If only I were financially capable, I really hope to go shopping with my mum to Hong Kong on this special day. Or, we can go to Australia to visit my aunt. I just want to pull her out of the house and give her a freshy breath while looking around the world. She has not flewn oversea ever since her honeymoon to Taiwan. She is always too worried of us, her home and now her grandchildren. She always think that travelling is wasteful. I want to change her thoughts. I hope to enjoy each and every fun places and the lovely food in Hong Kong with my dearest mum. She has devoted her life in the family since she was married.

So, can you share your plan or dream which you want to do on Mother’s Day?


I take this opportunity to wish ALL MOTHERS in the World,


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New Kid on the Blog said...

Apart from taking my mom for dinner, my Mother's Day is quiet and sad due to the recent loss.