Thursday, May 29

Narrow Escape From Car Accident

Gosh! I had a narrow escape this morning. I was still shivering when reaching home after the incident.

My car was nearly crashed in the junction near my house! My father has always reminded me about the danger when crossing the junction. It happened after I sent my son to school, and was on the way back. I was quite caution too when crossing that road. I then saw the big pajero moving fast from my left. I was heading straight, and I thought he would slow down his car but he didn't. Actually he should stop as there was a stop logo in front of him. My leg was numbed too. I didn't have the intention to stop in the middle of the road as well. My mind was a bit confused at that situation.

While I continued driving, that pajero seemed to be accelerating and coming towards my side. I gave him a loud horn and stepped hard on the accelerator. Luckily, that driver stopped just in time, within one of two centimetres away from my car. Phew! If I were to stop my car there in the middle of the junction, I guess I might be in the hospital now already. Or maybe worse.... choi ! Thank God, my son was not in the car, and there was no one walking on the road at that time. My heart is still pumping fast when recalling the incident.

Wednesday, May 28

Iron Man Review

"Iron Man" movie is good, anyway, why does the producer choose Robert Downey Jr. as the hero in this movie? To me, he is not handsome and not young either. Well, I am not so updated and familiar with the famous actors and actresses in Hollywood. I may be wrong by judging only the appearance.

All in all, the movie was exciting, as I held my little girl's hand so tightly and shrunk myself close to her. Very absurd ya! I might have mistaken her as hubby. LOL


Robert Downey Jr. stars as Tony Stark, a billionaire playboy and genius who puts as much effort into chasing skirts as he puts into chasing his next big idea. A trip to Afghanistan to sell weapons quickly devolves into chaos, and Stark finds himself at the mercy of a warlord who wants him to build a missile. Instead, Stark creates a powerful suit of armor, turning him into Iron Man and allowing him to escape. When he returns to America, his assistant Pepper Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow), friend Rhodey (Terrence Howard), and right-hand man Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) all marvel at the change in the man they knew. He announces his company will cease making weapons and he begins work on an updated armored suit only to find that Obadiah Stane, his second in command at Stark industries has been selling Stark weapons to the insurgents. He uses his new suit to return to Afghanistan to destroy the arms and then to stop Stane from misusing his research.

I somehow feel that this movie is like the imaginary film, very comic contented. A billionair businessman turns himself into a superhero and fight for the world in his supernatural iron suit which could fly high almost to the space! Wow! Ha! Well, treat it as an entertainment will do.


Monday, May 26

Going After 'Iron Man' Tomorrow

I have been waiting since the first day when 'Iron Man' started showing in the cinema. I thought hubby would have time to watch the movie with me. My brother told me that it is a nice movie.

It has been showing for two weeks. More and more grand movies are on the way. The cinema is going to end showing 'Iron Man'. Hubby is very busy lately. I can't wait anymore. I'm going to watch it with my girl tomorrow. There left only 11am and 3:50pm shows. Hubby is more relief to hear that. Anyway, he promised to go for 'Narnia' with me. Hope that he will keep his promise.

Friday, May 23

Bangkok Trip

I was shocked to receive a call from hubby. He told me that he has just swiped a big amount with the credit card. He then told me about a good news. Yipee! He has just bought air asia tickets to Bangkok for both of us. Yes, Lovelymummy and I are going with our hubbies this September to visit Shoppingmum. I am so excited. I hope she can bring us to Platinum Shopping Mall. The place she claims that I would "ki siao" ~ go crazy!!

I'm thinking of bringing my two kids along. We can bring the kids to the Zoo Safari and Marine Park. Sure they will have a lot of fun there. I have discussed with hubby and he agrees to buy another two tickets tomorrow. The kids would be thrilled for their coming trip. Ooops, that time is not school holiday! No choice, the kids have to skip class for one week then. Luckily they are still in kindy.

Tuesday, May 20

Are You Touched?

I am always updating myself on the China earthquake news progress since the disaster day. I just can't stop my tears from falling whenever I read the newspapers and watch the news update on television. My eyes would turn red even when talking about it with others.

I really salute those teachers and parents who show their great love towards the students and children. The ways they sacrificed their bodies to protect the kids were tremendous. Like the male teacher who saved 4 preschoolers under his arms, and the loving mother who kept breastfeeding her 4 months old baby even she was dead. Very heart touching! *sob, sob* ..... like that I also want to cry already....

Hope this would move everyone in the world to give the victims a helping hand, or just a prayer for those unfortunates in China, SiChuan.

I don't know how I can help the best. I just know that I can donate some money for them. Actually, the best and needed help is to fly there and save the rest who are still buried under the rubble. That should be the professional's responsibilities. Since it is already more than 7 days, the chances for survivors may seem to be very few. Money aid is now essential for the victims to rebuild their hometown and more medical assistance to save those injured ones.

Sunday, May 18

Your Name In Japanese

Judy tagged me on this fun game. I can use the table to get all kinds of Japanese names for my family. Haha.....

Not sure whether this lovely picture is being sent down through long tag. But, I like it. If it is from you, Judy, hope you don't mind to share here in my tag too! :p

For the instructions, add your name on the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below. Tag six of your friends and inform them of the tag. Have fun.

1. OSWALD - moarimeikatate (sounds like america and states. har…. har… har…)
2. CHLOE - Miritamoku — Um…think I still prefer my given name, ha ha
3. GENG – Jikutoji — Actually, I think its cute sounding. Arigato gozaimasu!
4. CONSTANCE - Mimoto arichi katomiku — WOW! Does it sound like an authentic Japanese cuisine? YIKES! I broke it up cos it was quite a mouthful!
5. DORA - Temoshika – Sounds pretty good huh?! Does it mean beautiful woman?
6. Sting - Arichi Kitoji - Sounds like a guy’s name but at least it rhymes! LOL!!
7. Amidrin - Karinki Teshikito (I was deciding between Karinki Teshikito or Karinkites Hikito. LOL… still the english name sounds much better.)
8. Lemonjude - Takurinmoto Zudoteku (very long name, sounds like guy name also, still prefer my nick in English)
9. Jacelyn - Zukamikutafuto ( a Malay guy's name..... my English name sounds so sweet ......rite?)

What's your name in Japanese then?

Thursday, May 15

Human Must Learn To Save The Earth

The earth is really getting angry this time. There have been two massive disasters continuing attacking people within this month. We all grieve for the victims of cyclone attack in Myanmar, and recently terrified earthquake in Chengdu, China. Many lives had been taken by these disasterous attacks. The cities were demolished and the citizens were left homeless. I really hope there will be no more disaster coming..... sometimes, I wonder whether Malaysia will be facing any outbreaks in future. The weather nowadays is really unpredictable. When it is not raining, it is damn hot and dry. Sometimes I can't even breath when outside the house. Everyone is sick nowadays, and it lasts for a long long time to recover.

Well, I hope all the people could give a helping hand for the victims in Myanmar and Chengdu. I have donated some money through the Shepherd Sisters in my girl's school. The most important thing is, human on earth must learnt a lesson from the above cases. We must emphasis more on recycling. It is advisable to plant more flowers or trees in the garden, use recycle material, use less air-conds, stop burning in open air, .... etc. Human must be united to save the earth.

Due to the extreme hot weather nowadays, rice is hardly grown in the paddy. From the recent newspaper report, our government has advised the people to eat only half a bowl of rice each day due to insufficient rice around the world. If not full, we can always take bread or noodle as supplements. I think women may practise this well, but not for men. At least everyone tries their very best in saving the world.

Wednesday, May 14

Ear Infection

I felt so weak lately. I was down with heavy flu these few days. This causes me headaches which don't seem to be cured. I couldn't sleep at night due to the heavy nose block. When I woke up this morning, worse still, my inner right ear was painful.

I was worried. I feel pain in the ear even when I burp. I have no choice but to skip my yoga lesson and headed straight to the clinic. Yes, I have ear infection due to the swelling throat. I was prescribed with antibiotics again. This is the second time since last week. I am always infected with sore throat. =(

Hope that it cures this time. I really don't want to go for the ear specialist as he may insert a tube right into my nose to check my inner ear. That was what I heard from a friend who has gone through this before. No....please.....don't let me suffer like this!

Saturday, May 10

What I REALLY Want To Do On Mother’s Day

This is a further tag from Mum & Kids In Wonderland by Elaine who has shared her fantasy celebration with her mum on this coming Mother’s Day. Anyway, I hope that her dream would really come true and she can spend a valuable day just with her mum alone.

Well as usual like every year, I will have a dinner with my mum and also my mum-in-law. But this time, I bought both of them a present!

For My Mum

For My Mum-in-law

Both of like the gifts very much. Actually deep in my heart, I have a dream for my dear mum.

If only I were financially capable, I really hope to go shopping with my mum to Hong Kong on this special day. Or, we can go to Australia to visit my aunt. I just want to pull her out of the house and give her a freshy breath while looking around the world. She has not flewn oversea ever since her honeymoon to Taiwan. She is always too worried of us, her home and now her grandchildren. She always think that travelling is wasteful. I want to change her thoughts. I hope to enjoy each and every fun places and the lovely food in Hong Kong with my dearest mum. She has devoted her life in the family since she was married.

So, can you share your plan or dream which you want to do on Mother’s Day?


I take this opportunity to wish ALL MOTHERS in the World,


Thursday, May 8

Hair Wax On Calves

before after

My friend was shocked to know that I'm going to upload such awful photos on the blog. Yes, I'm crazy. I admit. To me, they are just calves. Nothing wrong....not pornograhic at all!! Choi!!

Just want to show off my fair calf. See, after waxing it does look very clean and fair. Even the dead skin was pulled out together with the ugly curly hair! I can feel that they are now smooth as I applied moisturiser each time after bath. The beautician advised me to keep this way as a habit, so that the skin won't dry out and it does help in delaying the growth of hair.

That was my first time doing cold waxing. It wasn't very painful if compared with hot waxing, maybe also I don't have thick hair. Don't ever try hot waxing! You may scream your lung out. By waxing a few time, eventually the hair would stop growing coarsely as roots are eliminated once the hair is pulled up.

Monday, May 5

Common Prevention Of Viral Infection

My mum has not eliminated her cough till today. She claims to have sore throat and she is taking antibiotics again. Doctor advised her to go for x-ray if her cough still persists after finishing this course. As for me, coughing seems to be lesser, but I have a mild sore throat again. =(

Sometimes I feel like the world is going to end very soon, with the viral infections in mostly everyone which lasts for months in our country and the intestinal virus outbreak (EV-71 which causes hand, foot and mouth disease) has killed 24 children in China recently. It lays me pessimistic on our future.

The primary objective in the treatment if flu and cold is to improve our quality of life. Flu may lead to secondary bacterial infection, and old people and children are especially susceptible individuals. Both these groups have weaker immune systems and the flu may lead fatal in young children, the elderly and those with underlying chronic illness.

Common Prevention Of Flu And Cold

1) Eat Right and Sleep Tight - This helps to enhance body immune system. Adults should settle with 7 -8 hours of sleep each night, while older children and teenagers need 9 - 10 hours sleep every night. A balanced diet emphasises fruits and vegetables, whole grains and small amounts of lean protein.

2) Regular Exercises - Regular cardiovascular exercise such as walking, biking, aerobics boosts our immune system. There will be less symptoms and recover faster than those who aren't fit.

3) Limit Air Travel - Researchers say that the decreased numbers of air travel passengers during the fall of 2001 actually slowed the spread of the flu as well as delayed the start of the flu season by several weeks.

4) Avoid Crowd During Flu Season

Sunday, May 4

Officially A SAHM

I am officially a SAHM after today. I have ended my learning centre effective from 1 May, 2008! Today, I am in the centre again, but clearing all the mess in office. I couldn't find someone to take over my business, and I couldn't sell off my assets. Sound very wasteful ya! I feel the same, but I can't continue it anymore.

Hubby took most of the furniture in my centre. He may need them for his new business. Hubby is not going to pay me, although I do hope so..... :p
He is going to bear all the uninstallation and moving charges.

Well, I will take this opportunity to enjoy my stay-at-home life. I try to rest more till I am fully recover from my cough, recharge body energy, .....plan out my life then. I am not sure whether I can survive from this non-working life. Maybe I may take up some part-time job in later days...who knows!