Thursday, May 15

Human Must Learn To Save The Earth

The earth is really getting angry this time. There have been two massive disasters continuing attacking people within this month. We all grieve for the victims of cyclone attack in Myanmar, and recently terrified earthquake in Chengdu, China. Many lives had been taken by these disasterous attacks. The cities were demolished and the citizens were left homeless. I really hope there will be no more disaster coming..... sometimes, I wonder whether Malaysia will be facing any outbreaks in future. The weather nowadays is really unpredictable. When it is not raining, it is damn hot and dry. Sometimes I can't even breath when outside the house. Everyone is sick nowadays, and it lasts for a long long time to recover.

Well, I hope all the people could give a helping hand for the victims in Myanmar and Chengdu. I have donated some money through the Shepherd Sisters in my girl's school. The most important thing is, human on earth must learnt a lesson from the above cases. We must emphasis more on recycling. It is advisable to plant more flowers or trees in the garden, use recycle material, use less air-conds, stop burning in open air, .... etc. Human must be united to save the earth.

Due to the extreme hot weather nowadays, rice is hardly grown in the paddy. From the recent newspaper report, our government has advised the people to eat only half a bowl of rice each day due to insufficient rice around the world. If not full, we can always take bread or noodle as supplements. I think women may practise this well, but not for men. At least everyone tries their very best in saving the world.


Zooropa said...

Yeah, I'm really sadden by the news of earth-quake.


little inbox said...

The weather has terribly changed.