Wednesday, July 30

Sexy Hair Perm

Yup! I permed my hair again. This time, I can assure my friend that I look sexy, and not old amah compared with my previous permed. I chose spa perm with added some triangle perm at one side. Ha...hah....quite hard to imagine ya......Anyway, I'm not going to put my photo up here. A bit too paiseh.....someday, you guys may see it when I publish some group or family photos here. ^.^

Well, quite satisfy this time. I may go for colour highlight soon this month end. I still feel that it's curly. I picked this new spa perm technology as the result is not that curly than the old-fashioned perm. It is more elastic as well. Not many salon brought in such advance Korean technology to Ipoh. I bet. The price is reasonable, just RM160 with extra treatment and styling gel as gift too.

Saturday, July 26

Causes And Management Of Tooth Discolouration

My friend is very worried of her son's yellowish teeth though he is only 2! No matter how regularly she cleans her son's milk teeth, the stains still persist. I then came across this article about the causes and management of tooth discolouration. I share out the tips here, and hope that it helps to solve her query.

Tooth discolouration is due to external and internal factors.

External Factors

1. Smoking or drinking beverages containing caffeine.

2. Inadequate dental hygiene. The accumulate plaque can adsorb food colouring, resulting in stains. Go to the dentist for scaling and chemical cleaning.

Internal Factors

1. Tetracycline - antibiotic taken during pregnancy or early childhood. The stain can be masked by laminate veneer onto the tooth surface. Bleaching by chemical agents is an alternative to veneer.

2. Dental caries or tooth decay due to poor hygiene and taking too much sweets and fizzy drinks. Dentist will drill around the decay and put in a filling.

3. Pulp necrosis (pulp death) occurs due to trauma to the tooth or untreated caries, and causes the tooth to appear in greyish black. Root canal therapy involves partial or total removal of injured pulp tissue. The pulp chamber and root canals are then cleaned and sealed.

4. Decayed milk tooth may lead to infection in the vicinity of the developing of permanent tooth. This infection will disrupt the formation of the enamel of the permanent tooth, resulting in yellowish-brown patches. May apply topical fluoride or protective cap to the tooth surface to arrest the caries and to remineralise it.

5. Long term and excessive ingestion of fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste is one of the cause.

So, for those who concern, better take the above into consideration. As a mother, we should observe very well over our children's teeth development.

Wednesday, July 23

Tips On Soothing Tired Eyes

Our eyes are the window of soul, and from this phrase we understand how important the eyes to us. Just imagine one day, your world is totally black with no colours in life! Could you ever live with these days?

I am however quite worried of my eyes. I often suffer from headache, or can say migraine which causes both my eyes to be very tired as well. I suspect it may due to the increase power of short-sighted in eyes. It is no doubt as I sit in front of my laptop for hours each day. Yet, I haven't gone for eye checking.

Hence, I would like to share some tips on soothing tired eyes.

1) Invest in a polarized monitor filter to your computer to lessen the stress put upon your eyes by reducing glare;

2) Relax and keep the eyes mobile by standing up and focus on a distant point, swaying gently from side to side. Blinking is one of the way to clean and lubricate the eyes;

3) Try indulging in a professional eye treatment with massage once a month;

4) Apply hot towel and compress it to your closed eyelids before ending with a cold compress. This helps open up the small blood vessels of the eyeballs, and therefore relieve eye-strain;

5) One of the easiest but most effective way is, to get a good night sleep each night.

I shall fully practising the steps. Hopefully I will be freed of migraine problem from now on.

Friday, July 18

Shop Till I Broke !

It was the annual Jusco Day Sales yesterday. Discounts was from 20% to 70%! How could I not gone crazy??!! The kids' clothing were so cheap. A nice, pretty blouse was only at less than RM12!! Kids jeans, either short or long pants and also the jean skirts were less than RM50! These could only be found once in a year.

No one can imagine how mad I was yesterday! I guess not even me, other women (especially those 'silai') purchased clothes like they were free!! I dare not tell my hubby that I spent over RM700 mainly on kids' clothes! Of course, I did buy socks, underwears and two shirts for hubby. I obtained discount vouchers with a total value of RM95. Anyway, by subtracting the vouchers' value, I spent only RM600 something. =p *slap head*

People say that it is now the bad economic time. I don't think so. The car parks were full when I arrived at 9am in Jusco. I doubt whether the starting business hour was 9am or 8am! Maybe those people wanted to save more by purchasing cheap stuff. Well, well, I have to store up some of the newly bought clothing for next year's Chinese New Year then.

Tuesday, July 15

Visit To Old Folks Home

This was the old folks home in Jelapang which I visited last Friday. It was a charity trip organised by the yogee group. Our yoga instructor was going with us. Sometimes it is good to have some social life like this. My last visit to the old folks was almost 25 years ago when I was in secondary school.

This is one of the old folks bedrooms. Most of the old folks are men. A total of 48 old folks in this centre. They looked lonely and pity also when they were seating in the hall, waiting for the ang pao. I really don't hope to be one of them one day, being dumped by the kids. =(

My yoga instructor was distributing the ang pao for them. Make them happy a bit even it was not that much in a packet. We had bought so much groceries, ready to contribute to these old folks, but to find out that they prefer to receive their sharing separately. We didn't have the time to distribute the groceries equally, so just gave them money was better.

Our gang then left and headed Chemor for fish head noodle breakfast. Quite fun to mix around like this. They then moved on to another old folks home in Simpang Pulai. Anyway, I didn't manage to join as I had to pick my kids up from school. Maybe, we may have another round of charity activity soon.

Saturday, July 12

Travel To 7 Continents

First time to receive a tag from my loyal reader. Thank you so much, Little Inbox. I appreciate your kindness in bringing me on travelling to the world. = )

Rules :
1. Start Copy from "Begin Copy" until "End Copy".
2. Put your blog's name and url write in which continent you live, add the country you live in. Example : My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands)
3. Leave your url post in here and I'll add you to the Master List.
4. Please help spread this tag by tagging your friends as much as you can.
5. Don't play unfair! If you have more than 1 blog, you can participate all your blogs for this tag. BUT you will have to post this tag to all your blogs as well. So, please. Don't cheat!
6. Please come back again to copy the update of the master list, often. This process will help new participants to get the same gains as the first participants.
7. Don't forget to use the banner at your post, you can save as or you can just copy the code in here.

Master List :
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G. Antarctica :
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~ End Copy ~

Hmmm...I shall now ask a few of you here to travel with me. Would you?

Dora , wHOisBaBy , Babyfiona

Wednesday, July 9

Baking Business?

Lovelymummy and I have been SAHM since May this year. Yes, we enjoy staying at home and taking care of our kids. We appreciate that we are granted such moment. Anyway, we did sit down and chit-chat twice every week while having breakfast after our yoga lessons.

We somehow feel that if we could earn some pocket money while being at home, that would be terrific. At least, we are convinced that we are still capable besides being a nanny. We discussed about what business we should involve in. I came out an idea. Why not we start baking business! My dear friend here agreed and suggested that we shall learn to bake cookies. We discussed our future plans on what to use, where to get the ingredient sources, and recipes on baking cookies. My friend even thought of the places we shall distribute our cookies for sale! Gee...we do have far view! LOL

When I tried to convey my plan to my mum that day, she somehow poured cold water on me. My mum reminded me that people would only buy cookies during Chinese New Year! People would spend more on bread and cakes on normal days. She is right! I didn't take this into consideration at all. So silly.....Maybe I can start baking cakes and buns for business instead. ^.^

Anyway, my friend and I will go home and take deep hesitation whether to take the move. No more 3 minutes job! Really worried I am. :D

Thursday, July 3

Hair Accessories

I haven't been so particular on my hair before, ever since my hair grew long and was being permed. I wanted something to add sparks on my hair. Besides getting some nice accessories to tie up my hair, I decide to try something trendy.

Yes! I want to follow those young pretty try on stylish hairbands! So, are my two hairbands nice huh?? :-)