Saturday, November 29

5.11 Tactical Series

I often feel that it is hard to buy a gift for men. There are not much choices for guys beside shirts, wallets, belts and shoes. Not like women and kids, I can buy clothes, toys, accessories, stationery, and even kitchen utilities for women!

Anyway, I found something slightly different as gifts for men. I feel that 5.11 Tactical series are best for men especially if they are working as law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals. The product series enhance safety and convenience. The series includes normal apparels like shirts, pants, boots, gloves and other accessories like eyewear, belts and bags. I like its watches. Nice design and durable too. If I would get a present for my hub, a watch would be perfect for him!

Tuesday, November 25

Ants Hunt

How do you feel when you see this? disgusting right? The ants have been wandering around my house for some time. They were red ants. My parents have used every method to get rid of them, but to no avail. They then thought of trying "ant sugar"! See how hungry the ants were?

This is the moment you can see little ants cooperate in carrying food back to their nest. The next day, I found that the 'food' was almost finished by those little things. And, it works! I didn't see an ant moving around since then. Maybe, you can try this if your house has the same problem.

Monday, November 17

This Made Me Stoned!

Aside of my Bangkok story, I was somehow quite unsatisfied with hubby last night. While sms with my best friend, I was told that she just came back from Genting Highlands after Hacken Lee concert last night. I was kind of 'jealous' as her hubby treats her nice and always brings her on short trips in weekends. I have been longed for an experience in the huge hall for concert.

My hubby suddenly rang after my sms talk. I blamed hubby for not bringing me anywhere as he is always working. I accused him for not treating me good. Of course, I related my friend's story to him. Guess what he said!

Hubby: "Ok, Ok, I'll bring you to ANITA MUI's concert next time !!!!????"

How should I react then??? *red face; stoned*

Saturday, November 15

Day Trip To Ayuttaya, Bangkok

*backdated post*

We went to Ayuttaya on the 3rd day in Bangkok. Just want to share few photos taken there. My hubby's purpose was to pray in temples there. He is always in believe of God to greet for success in his career.

See how holy he was!!

As for me, I prayed for a beautiful and healthy skin for both my kids. It was sunny and hot. We then went for fish feeding.

Those were 'giant' catfish! Mind your steps, once fall into the pond, you are finished! They were really hungry at all time!

View of the villages across the river.

Elephant ride....scary and worried as that was my 1st time.

Thursday, November 6

Seminar On Teviron Technology

I am glad to announce here about a seminar on teviron technology this Friday, 7 November in Shooting Club, Jalan Gopeng, Ipoh at 7:30pm. What is it about? Please do read my previous post here about anion clothing.
The seminar is all about health matters, and what anion clothings can help us to pursue a healthy life. It is just that amazing. If you have been suffering from pains or terrible illness, you should somehow attend this seminar. Who knows? Your life may change from then on. Believe it or not! Just take this opportunity to understand better and listen to their testimonials.
Remember, "Health is Wealth", don't you agree?

Tuesday, November 4

Safari World vs Marine Park, Bangkok

Hubby and I were as if in honeymoon trip during the visit to Bangkok. We didn't go anywhere but shopping and eating on the first day. On the next day, we went to Safari World vs Marine Park which are attached to each other. This was scheduled mainly for the kids. No choice, hubby and I were like back to those courting days......though the feeling may not be exactly the same already. *sigh*

We rented a van for Thai Baht 1800 per day. Adding up with tolls and petrol, it cost us Thai Baht 2800 at the end of the day! Our driver drove us in to the safari. It is built under the nature of the wild's habitat.

The animals were so free and relax, strolling and munching on the grass.

Do enjoy some of the scenes of the animal's life within their world.

At the entrance of the zoo, after the safari ride.

Scene of the floating market at Chao Phraya river.

This sign board did attract me! I am certainly very agreed to its reputation!

These photos were not for free la...have to pay tips ler.... ;p

What was this lady doing in the cage??!! Guess and see!

We supposed to catch up some shows available. Too bad, we were quite late when arriving and we managed to watch the dolphin show only.

Nice pose huh...... :)

We also went for ride in a boat along the river through the artificial forest. I somehow was a little scared by the sound and fake snakes along the river...... coward like a baby ^.^