Friday, March 27

Earth Hour 2009 Campaign

I'm here to remind everyone about the Earth Hour campaign tomorrow, 28 March 2009! Will you support and practise it? Actually, do you know about it? Just switch off the lights at your place from 8:30pm-9:30pm to show your love and care to the Earth. Yes, as simple as that to stop global warming. Of course, we should try to avoid using other electrical appliances at that hour. We can have some home activities fun with family members like telling ghost stories, singing, playing piano, eating, .......etc. We better don't smoke or drive the car as this pollutes the environment too.

There are many comments about this campaign. Some support it, but some protest it. One of my friend thinks that this kind of campaign is nonsense. In his opinion, the authority should impose high tax for those companies which cause enviroment hazzard. The money obtained should be used to educate the people about going green and ways to stop pollution. Yes, he is right too. We should practise the environment friendly acts everyday and not just an hour in a year! I am so naive and haven't thought of it.

Anyway, I will still support the campaign if I can. I will be in my parent-in -law's house and I'm not sure whether they will practise or not. No matter how, if it doesn't harm anyone or anything, just do your little part to save the Earth and us!

Saturday, March 21

Car DVD Player As Companion While Travelling

I came back from Cameron Highlands yesterday after a night stay over there. It was mainly planned for the kids on this short term school holidays. My in-laws were joining us too as we had a steamboat gathering up there. It was kind of different along the journey if compared to last time. The kids enjoyed themselves so much on their father's new car DVD player. It was an economical system with only a receiver, a remote control and a small screen which cost less than a thousand altogether. This is a trendy style among the youngsters. I am just worried that this habit may hurt the kids' eyes.

My mother-in-law disagreed with the idea of having such lifestyle in a car! She keeps warning his dearest son not to watch DVD while driving. Hubby may not be able to pay full attention while driving and this is quite dangerous too. I feel the same too. I would not object if the system comes with GPS device. That is more useful for a man without direction sense like him. Too bad, his current car DVD player doesn't contain one.

Hubby is going to be addicted in it already. He told me that he was looking for some quality car speakers with good sound surround too. Hope he won't spend too much on that. We have to save up more for our new house. Anyway, car DVD player plays a role as good companion when hubby travels alone outstations, so that he won't fall asleep when driving.

Monday, March 16

Ladypo - Feminine Hygiene Care

My beautician has encouraged me to step forward in carrying the vaginal test. The purpose of the test is to identify any harmful vaginal microorganism in each woman's vaginal. I am very sure there are of course a lot of bacterias in our vaginal, but I was quite worried to get to know more. Eventually, I did the test last Saturday.

To my shocking amazed, I was told to have quite a serious condition. I couldn't breath as I listened more. I was so scared and seemed to be hard to accept the fact. Well, I didn't blame the lab assistant as she was responsible in telling me the truth. From the computerised analysis, I was found infected with candida, blood clogs and even dark blood clogs! The candida infection may cause itchiness and inflammation. The main cause of getting it is, either we often sits on the toilet seat in public toilet or due to the habit of washing panties together with other clothings. In the mean time, the dark blood clogs may cause hysteromyoma and tumour if the size increases. My body started to shiver when I heard this.

My beautician and friend tried to calm me down. They consoled me not to think much as there is still something there to prevent. To know earlier is better than not knowing it at all. At least, there is still hope for all women who have the same problem like me. I was then introduced of this, Ladypo product. This feminine hygiene care product was brought in by one of Malaysia's famous actress. Do check out the website link attached. Women shall not feel shy if there is any problem inside them. We should be brave to face it and treat it. It is the right of all women to protect their lives!

I accepted the treatment. I shall go for the second test next month to observe my health improvement.

Wednesday, March 11

What Is Your Main Purpose To Pursue Study?

I am a bit mad and disappointed with what my parents said this afternoon. Till today only I understand how they look at me. They didn't say it harsh but instead in a more joking manner. They mentioned out that they regret to afford me till university as I have wasted their money for not being employed now.

I am really confused of the purpose to pursue study till higher level. All the time I thought that the more we study, it helps to shape up a knowledgeable and reasonable mind in a person. Despite that, my parents think that a degree certificate is very important for someone's future in work. The degree holder should work according to his subject field and earn more money. What for waste money if not doing in that field after completing study? And somemore being a home maker after marriage like me now!

I was frustrated. I answered back that I'd love to go back to work if not because of my kids. I rather stay in socialise with more friends than staying at home, yelling away while parenting. Furthermore, I'm considered 'working' without pay! Why? Why are my parents' thinking so conservative? Things which they experience are just too little.

Am I really so free and nothing to do while at home? If so, why can't I find time sitting down reading some magazines and newspapers? Not even to the toilets!! Ridiculous!

So, what is your opinion of the main purpose to pursue study?

Monday, March 2

Unconfident In Foreign Maids

There are more and more serious cases about foreign maids hurting their bosses and mistresses. The trembling recent news about the vicious attack of a maid to her lady boss. That was not just a minor harming but was considered an attempt murder case. The news can be read from here.

Today, I'm very certain that I'm not going to take any Indonesian maid when I move to my new house. I rather spend money for having maid-on-call. The maid just needs to come in by appointment and work for few hours and then leave the house. Isn't it better not to have extra burden at home? I do not need to worry the kids when I'm out, and I can save up for the maid's expenses like food and clothing.

Life will be more peaceful and healthy without a maid at home. Of course, there is no doubt we still need help on house cleaning some time.