Monday, May 5

Common Prevention Of Viral Infection

My mum has not eliminated her cough till today. She claims to have sore throat and she is taking antibiotics again. Doctor advised her to go for x-ray if her cough still persists after finishing this course. As for me, coughing seems to be lesser, but I have a mild sore throat again. =(

Sometimes I feel like the world is going to end very soon, with the viral infections in mostly everyone which lasts for months in our country and the intestinal virus outbreak (EV-71 which causes hand, foot and mouth disease) has killed 24 children in China recently. It lays me pessimistic on our future.

The primary objective in the treatment if flu and cold is to improve our quality of life. Flu may lead to secondary bacterial infection, and old people and children are especially susceptible individuals. Both these groups have weaker immune systems and the flu may lead fatal in young children, the elderly and those with underlying chronic illness.

Common Prevention Of Flu And Cold

1) Eat Right and Sleep Tight - This helps to enhance body immune system. Adults should settle with 7 -8 hours of sleep each night, while older children and teenagers need 9 - 10 hours sleep every night. A balanced diet emphasises fruits and vegetables, whole grains and small amounts of lean protein.

2) Regular Exercises - Regular cardiovascular exercise such as walking, biking, aerobics boosts our immune system. There will be less symptoms and recover faster than those who aren't fit.

3) Limit Air Travel - Researchers say that the decreased numbers of air travel passengers during the fall of 2001 actually slowed the spread of the flu as well as delayed the start of the flu season by several weeks.

4) Avoid Crowd During Flu Season

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