Tuesday, May 20

Are You Touched?

I am always updating myself on the China earthquake news progress since the disaster day. I just can't stop my tears from falling whenever I read the newspapers and watch the news update on television. My eyes would turn red even when talking about it with others.

I really salute those teachers and parents who show their great love towards the students and children. The ways they sacrificed their bodies to protect the kids were tremendous. Like the male teacher who saved 4 preschoolers under his arms, and the loving mother who kept breastfeeding her 4 months old baby even she was dead. Very heart touching! *sob, sob* ..... like that I also want to cry already....

Hope this would move everyone in the world to give the victims a helping hand, or just a prayer for those unfortunates in China, SiChuan.

I don't know how I can help the best. I just know that I can donate some money for them. Actually, the best and needed help is to fly there and save the rest who are still buried under the rubble. That should be the professional's responsibilities. Since it is already more than 7 days, the chances for survivors may seem to be very few. Money aid is now essential for the victims to rebuild their hometown and more medical assistance to save those injured ones.


U.Lee said...

Hi Mummy in vain, was at Jo-n's noticed your cute callsign.
Yes, re China and Burma, it is very sad to read, see all that sufferring.
But its your thoughts and prayers and good wishes will help.
You in Ipoh...? I have always love Ipoh. Stayed at Canning gardens wayyyy back in 1972. My work was such I move every year to different States, and hotels my second home, from no star to 5 star, ha ha.
Next to Penang, Ipoh sure have fantastic food, not to mention the lovely women, ha ha.
My previous posting was about Ipoh...
You stay easy and have a nice day, best regards, Lee.

Everyday Healy said...

This song and video is really very touching. I especially feel like crying every time I heard this "Beyond" music.I miss "Ka Fai". :(

I guess you made the right choice to at least share your bitterness. I feel sad for them and the Myanmar victims too.

I actually here to inform you to
have a look at my girl's new Japanese Name instead of spreading my tears.

But, it's touch. Nice song too! :)