Tuesday, December 23

BOLT Is Known Of Its Superbark!

It was like decade since my last drop of words in this blog. I was away from updating not only this blog, but also other blogs of mine. My family was down with some unsubsided fever viruses. First, it was my girl for six days, followed by me with another six days. The worst was, my son got it for the next six days! Lastly, it was my parents' turn. What kind of a circulation was that?? It was really scary to me!

Due to the increase of age, I felt really suffering when having fever. I vomitted whatever I ate, and even fainted for few seconds once at home. Now only I understand what others mean that having chicken pox or measles during old age suffer more than young age.

After three weeks "sick leave", I couldn't wait any longer and there I went with both my kids for BOLT movie.

BOLT is the cute dog in the picture.

The other two animals are the co-stars in the movie.


For super-dog Bolt (voiced by John Travolta), every day is filled with adventure, danger and intrigue – at least until the cameras stop rolling. When the canine star of a hit TV show is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he begins his biggest adventure yet – a cross-country journey through the real world. Armed only with the delusions that all his amazing feats and powers are real, and with the help of two unlikely traveling companions – a jaded, abandoned housecat named Mittens (voiced by Susie Essman), and TV-obsessed hamster in a plastic ball named Rhino – Bolt discovers he doesn’t need superpowers to be a hero. Miley Cyrus (“Hannah Montana”) brings her vocal talents to the role of Penny, Bolt’s human co-star on the television series.

My kids and I like the movie very much. The story is entertaining and quite funny too. My girl giggled away throughout the movie. I didn't read about its preview before entering the cinema. When the movie started, I really thought that Bolt has amazing powers, especially impressed with its devastating Superbark! Bolt looks cool! Later on then only I realised that human was behind that! Human was just using Bolt to be the television hero. Poor dog!

Anyway, there was a scene in the end which touched our hearts. Even Bolt has no superpowers, it was very brave and loyal to its human. It risked its life to save its owner. It showed its true Superbark and of course, Bolt and its human were saved! If you watch the movie, you will understand what I mean.


Saturday, November 29

5.11 Tactical Series

I often feel that it is hard to buy a gift for men. There are not much choices for guys beside shirts, wallets, belts and shoes. Not like women and kids, I can buy clothes, toys, accessories, stationery, and even kitchen utilities for women!

Anyway, I found something slightly different as gifts for men. I feel that 5.11 Tactical series are best for men especially if they are working as law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals. The product series enhance safety and convenience. The series includes normal apparels like shirts, pants, boots, gloves and other accessories like eyewear, belts and bags. I like its watches. Nice design and durable too. If I would get a present for my hub, a watch would be perfect for him!

Tuesday, November 25

Ants Hunt

How do you feel when you see this? yeerrr.....so disgusting right? The ants have been wandering around my house for some time. They were red ants. My parents have used every method to get rid of them, but to no avail. They then thought of trying "ant sugar"! See how hungry the ants were?

This is the moment you can see little ants cooperate in carrying food back to their nest. The next day, I found that the 'food' was almost finished by those little things. And, it works! I didn't see an ant moving around since then. Maybe, you can try this if your house has the same problem.

Monday, November 17

This Made Me Stoned!

Aside of my Bangkok story, I was somehow quite unsatisfied with hubby last night. While sms with my best friend, I was told that she just came back from Genting Highlands after Hacken Lee concert last night. I was kind of 'jealous' as her hubby treats her nice and always brings her on short trips in weekends. I have been longed for an experience in the huge hall for concert.

My hubby suddenly rang after my sms talk. I blamed hubby for not bringing me anywhere as he is always working. I accused him for not treating me good. Of course, I related my friend's story to him. Guess what he said!

Hubby: "Ok, Ok, I'll bring you to ANITA MUI's concert next time !!!!????"

How should I react then??? *red face; stoned*

Saturday, November 15

Day Trip To Ayuttaya, Bangkok

*backdated post*

We went to Ayuttaya on the 3rd day in Bangkok. Just want to share few photos taken there. My hubby's purpose was to pray in temples there. He is always in believe of God to greet for success in his career.

See how holy he was!!

As for me, I prayed for a beautiful and healthy skin for both my kids. It was sunny and hot. We then went for fish feeding.

Those were 'giant' catfish! Mind your steps, once fall into the pond, you are finished! They were really hungry at all time!

View of the villages across the river.

Elephant ride....scary and worried as that was my 1st time.

Thursday, November 6

Seminar On Teviron Technology

I am glad to announce here about a seminar on teviron technology this Friday, 7 November in Shooting Club, Jalan Gopeng, Ipoh at 7:30pm. What is it about? Please do read my previous post here about anion clothing.
The seminar is all about health matters, and what anion clothings can help us to pursue a healthy life. It is just that amazing. If you have been suffering from pains or terrible illness, you should somehow attend this seminar. Who knows? Your life may change from then on. Believe it or not! Just take this opportunity to understand better and listen to their testimonials.
Remember, "Health is Wealth", don't you agree?

Tuesday, November 4

Safari World vs Marine Park, Bangkok

Hubby and I were as if in honeymoon trip during the visit to Bangkok. We didn't go anywhere but shopping and eating on the first day. On the next day, we went to Safari World vs Marine Park which are attached to each other. This was scheduled mainly for the kids. No choice, hubby and I were like back to those courting days......though the feeling may not be exactly the same already. *sigh*

We rented a van for Thai Baht 1800 per day. Adding up with tolls and petrol, it cost us Thai Baht 2800 at the end of the day! Our driver drove us in to the safari. It is built under the nature of the wild's habitat.

The animals were so free and relax, strolling and munching on the grass.

Do enjoy some of the scenes of the animal's life within their world.

At the entrance of the zoo, after the safari ride.

Scene of the floating market at Chao Phraya river.

This sign board did attract me! I am certainly very agreed to its reputation!

These photos were not for free la...have to pay tips ler.... ;p

What was this lady doing in the cage??!! Guess and see!

We supposed to catch up some shows available. Too bad, we were quite late when arriving and we managed to watch the dolphin show only.

Nice pose huh...... :)

We also went for ride in a boat along the river through the artificial forest. I somehow was a little scared by the sound and fake snakes along the river...... coward like a baby ^.^

Wednesday, October 29

Back From Bangkok Holiday!

Five days tour were rather long to me. I missed my kids so much, that I couldn't wait to go home. Anyway, I like Bangkok but not its disastrous traffic jam. Bangkok is a shopping heaven to me. The Platinum Fashion is a must go shopping complex. All the clothes are so cheap there, between RM10 to RM25 per piece! A piece of trench coat there costs only RM20 !!! Believe it or not! Well, maybe the material is not the superb one, but is acceptable. What do you expect with that low price?

The Bangkok airport is big, competent to our KLIA. There are beautiful scene for photo taking.

There was something funny on that day I first stepped into Bangkok airport. I was like a silly 'kampung' lady who hasn't been to the city. I didn't know how to on the tap for hand washing after pee in the toilet! I turned, pushed and even hit the water tap to make the water running down! A young girl next to me showed me the sensor at the bottom of the tap.......ar...ar.....show your hand there, and the water will run down!!!! My God! It was so embarrassing! Hubby and friends laughed at me when they heard that. I learnt a lesson here.

Take a look at the colourful taxis in that country. They use Toyota Corolla as their cabs.

Scenic spots which I had visited to be updated in next post.

Sunday, October 19

Blog Break To Bangkok

I thought I can't go at first, due to my kids. They are suffering bad reverse reaction after taking the Poron and 'Sam Tong Char'. I have been changing my mind again and again on to go and not to go. The kids are staying at my mum's place for sure. They can't walk well now. No choice, their tickets have to be wasted.

Today, their condition seem to be better. Most of the boils are dried and their wounds are drying as well. They just need to have more rest and move less. Since I don't want to waste my tickets, hubby and I have decided to go for the flight early tomorrow morning. My parents have agree to take care of them both for me.

Hopefully, my kids will recover completely when I'm back. I'm actually a bit worried that there might be any outbreak when I'm away. I've told my mum to call me if anything worse happen. Hubby and I would fly back immediately. God bless them! *finger crossed*

I may not be writing for a week. I still owe my friend's a tag here. Hope she doesn't mind. I'll surely miss my kids a lot. This trip is supposed to be planned for them. :(

Saturday, October 11

Report Phone Numbers

There are five missed calls with the same number found in my handset today. I don't know about this number. I somehow guess that it maybe from those banks who ask me to apply for loans or some kind of marketing companies which plead me to join their membership package. It is quite irritating to receive such calls.

Anyway, I have made a Phone Number Reporting to check out the number. Hopefully it was not any of the emergency call. The answer is, I am right! The number was from one of those banks!

How About Organic Products Business?

I am considering of starting own new shop for selling organic products and rice. I haven't done much research, and still not so sure about it. I just know that more and more people know about the importance of health, and they would then choose healthy food for their living. Yes, some may say that it is costly to maintain, but we can always go for partly organic. Just replace some of our grocery with organic, and mixed white rice with organic rice. There are organic skincare product in the market too. At least, we avoid taking in too much preservatives, coloring and flavoring in daily life.

Could this work? Could I really make profit with this business? I am so confuse here. Not much support found from parents and hubby. Anyone can give me any comment or suggestion here? Just would like to collect more opinions......

Friday, October 10

Prison Inmate Search

It is no more difficult to look for someone who has been lost contact with. Technology has been so advance with those super detection system in the internet. One can be located easily under federal inmate search throughout its database. Of course, there must be some information provided about the person you are looking for. It won't cost much here. It does help out a lot of people.

Anion Clothing Using Teviron Technology

This is one of the new technology I found recently. Actually anion clothing is being introduced in Japan for more than 30 years. Followed by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia has just accepted it in year 2006.

The anion clothings are designed using Teviron technology. They are made in high quality material with amazing negative ion technology. It is believed to solve all kinds of diseases and problems in body.

There are so many good testimonials about the effectiveness of anion clothings. Those customers praise the products as miracles. From the book I read, it says that anions are important to balance the pH to slight alkaline in body. This helps to conquer cancer cells. In my opinion, I feel that any cancer patients should give a possible try on the anion clothings if financially supported. A safer way than radiotherapy though.

Family Tree

Isn't it a good idea to prepare a very own family tree as reference for our family young generations? It is wise to let our children and grandchildren know about their family history. I won't know that I could do it in the internet. Let's see how I could fill up my blank family tree with bundle of information. Relative who stay far across the sea could now view my family tree to keep informed of our life here.

Not Again!

I fed up! Why on earth are there such people who like to create havoc to the world? I was shocked enough to read the political crisis being evoked again in Bangkok yesterday. It was just a month ago, and I thought everything is settled now. I have been postponing my trip from 8 Sept to 20 Oct. I will be in the flight to Bangkok week after next. That bad news did shatter my heart.

Don't tell me that I am not be able to go again this time. If it is so, I would just cancel and will never postpone for the third time. Such a waste of money! Anyway, there is still no announcement of emergency status in Bangkok yet.

Pray that my family and I could enjoy the trip. And, come back to homeland in one piece.

Thursday, October 9

Trendy Maternity Clothing

Many people ask me whether I would still want another third baby in my life. I am still considering. Sometimes I really hope to have one more baby girl. A more gentle and girlish one. After all, there is no hurry since I have a boy and a girl already. The matter is, it is not easy to support a family with more than two kids at home.

I still remember those sweet days with them in my womb. I didn't have much morning sickness. I even could eat well, and sleep well. The most consoling was, I didn't get gain much weight after giving birth. That was because I didn't look plump and swollen during the nine months pregnancy. Here I am now, slim like before marriage. Thanks a lot to both my babies for loving mummy so much!

On the other hand, there was something which dissatisfied me instead while conceiving. I didn't have a nice maternity clothing at all within the two times pregnancy. I was just wearing those old-fashioned maternity long dresses given by my sister-in-law. I felt damn hot, but just bore with it, thinking of not wasting any money for any maternity clothing since I just needed them for nine months. Nowadays, there are so many Trendy Maternity Clothes in online stores. Why was I so thrifty that time?

If I were to conceive again, this skinny Paige Maternity Jeans is what I will definitely going to get. It attracts my eyes, and it doesn't seem to be like a maternity jean at all.

This Juicy Maternity Jeans looks nice too. I like its colour. Its material is stretchable and comfortable too.

Argh....feeling like wanting to have baby again! No lah......the confinement period was always nightmare to me.

Monday, October 6

Nine Gods Festival Procession

It has been years where I didn't join in the crowd for Nine Gods Festival procession each year. This time I decided to watch it with my kids yesterday morning. Troops from outstations were joining the procession this year. It was bright and sunny. Everyone was sweating, but we all enjoyed the scene.

Not only the Chinese, Indians and Malays took part in the event too. Some photos taken for sharing here. Couldn't take good photos as my son was pulling my leg wherever I went! ;p

One of the medium even pierced a fan through his mouth!! Yerrr....quite scary!