Friday, May 23

Bangkok Trip

I was shocked to receive a call from hubby. He told me that he has just swiped a big amount with the credit card. He then told me about a good news. Yipee! He has just bought air asia tickets to Bangkok for both of us. Yes, Lovelymummy and I are going with our hubbies this September to visit Shoppingmum. I am so excited. I hope she can bring us to Platinum Shopping Mall. The place she claims that I would "ki siao" ~ go crazy!!

I'm thinking of bringing my two kids along. We can bring the kids to the Zoo Safari and Marine Park. Sure they will have a lot of fun there. I have discussed with hubby and he agrees to buy another two tickets tomorrow. The kids would be thrilled for their coming trip. Ooops, that time is not school holiday! No choice, the kids have to skip class for one week then. Luckily they are still in kindy.

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