Thursday, May 8

Hair Wax On Calves

before after

My friend was shocked to know that I'm going to upload such awful photos on the blog. Yes, I'm crazy. I admit. To me, they are just calves. Nothing wrong....not pornograhic at all!! Choi!!

Just want to show off my fair calf. See, after waxing it does look very clean and fair. Even the dead skin was pulled out together with the ugly curly hair! I can feel that they are now smooth as I applied moisturiser each time after bath. The beautician advised me to keep this way as a habit, so that the skin won't dry out and it does help in delaying the growth of hair.

That was my first time doing cold waxing. It wasn't very painful if compared with hot waxing, maybe also I don't have thick hair. Don't ever try hot waxing! You may scream your lung out. By waxing a few time, eventually the hair would stop growing coarsely as roots are eliminated once the hair is pulled up.


little inbox said...

I have not try out the waxing type, just use the spray type, let it leave for moments before wash it away.

Mummy In Vain said...

u should try this at the saloon, quick and easy. just have to spend a little bit more....