Wednesday, October 29

Back From Bangkok Holiday!

Five days tour were rather long to me. I missed my kids so much, that I couldn't wait to go home. Anyway, I like Bangkok but not its disastrous traffic jam. Bangkok is a shopping heaven to me. The Platinum Fashion is a must go shopping complex. All the clothes are so cheap there, between RM10 to RM25 per piece! A piece of trench coat there costs only RM20 !!! Believe it or not! Well, maybe the material is not the superb one, but is acceptable. What do you expect with that low price?

The Bangkok airport is big, competent to our KLIA. There are beautiful scene for photo taking.

There was something funny on that day I first stepped into Bangkok airport. I was like a silly 'kampung' lady who hasn't been to the city. I didn't know how to on the tap for hand washing after pee in the toilet! I turned, pushed and even hit the water tap to make the water running down! A young girl next to me showed me the sensor at the bottom of the your hand there, and the water will run down!!!! My God! It was so embarrassing! Hubby and friends laughed at me when they heard that. I learnt a lesson here.

Take a look at the colourful taxis in that country. They use Toyota Corolla as their cabs.

Scenic spots which I had visited to be updated in next post.

Sunday, October 19

Blog Break To Bangkok

I thought I can't go at first, due to my kids. They are suffering bad reverse reaction after taking the Poron and 'Sam Tong Char'. I have been changing my mind again and again on to go and not to go. The kids are staying at my mum's place for sure. They can't walk well now. No choice, their tickets have to be wasted.

Today, their condition seem to be better. Most of the boils are dried and their wounds are drying as well. They just need to have more rest and move less. Since I don't want to waste my tickets, hubby and I have decided to go for the flight early tomorrow morning. My parents have agree to take care of them both for me.

Hopefully, my kids will recover completely when I'm back. I'm actually a bit worried that there might be any outbreak when I'm away. I've told my mum to call me if anything worse happen. Hubby and I would fly back immediately. God bless them! *finger crossed*

I may not be writing for a week. I still owe my friend's a tag here. Hope she doesn't mind. I'll surely miss my kids a lot. This trip is supposed to be planned for them. :(

Saturday, October 11

Report Phone Numbers

There are five missed calls with the same number found in my handset today. I don't know about this number. I somehow guess that it maybe from those banks who ask me to apply for loans or some kind of marketing companies which plead me to join their membership package. It is quite irritating to receive such calls.

Anyway, I have made a Phone Number Reporting to check out the number. Hopefully it was not any of the emergency call. The answer is, I am right! The number was from one of those banks!

How About Organic Products Business?

I am considering of starting own new shop for selling organic products and rice. I haven't done much research, and still not so sure about it. I just know that more and more people know about the importance of health, and they would then choose healthy food for their living. Yes, some may say that it is costly to maintain, but we can always go for partly organic. Just replace some of our grocery with organic, and mixed white rice with organic rice. There are organic skincare product in the market too. At least, we avoid taking in too much preservatives, coloring and flavoring in daily life.

Could this work? Could I really make profit with this business? I am so confuse here. Not much support found from parents and hubby. Anyone can give me any comment or suggestion here? Just would like to collect more opinions......

Friday, October 10

Prison Inmate Search

It is no more difficult to look for someone who has been lost contact with. Technology has been so advance with those super detection system in the internet. One can be located easily under federal inmate search throughout its database. Of course, there must be some information provided about the person you are looking for. It won't cost much here. It does help out a lot of people.

Anion Clothing Using Teviron Technology

This is one of the new technology I found recently. Actually anion clothing is being introduced in Japan for more than 30 years. Followed by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia has just accepted it in year 2006.

The anion clothings are designed using Teviron technology. They are made in high quality material with amazing negative ion technology. It is believed to solve all kinds of diseases and problems in body.

There are so many good testimonials about the effectiveness of anion clothings. Those customers praise the products as miracles. From the book I read, it says that anions are important to balance the pH to slight alkaline in body. This helps to conquer cancer cells. In my opinion, I feel that any cancer patients should give a possible try on the anion clothings if financially supported. A safer way than radiotherapy though.

Family Tree

Isn't it a good idea to prepare a very own family tree as reference for our family young generations? It is wise to let our children and grandchildren know about their family history. I won't know that I could do it in the internet. Let's see how I could fill up my blank family tree with bundle of information. Relative who stay far across the sea could now view my family tree to keep informed of our life here.

Not Again!

I fed up! Why on earth are there such people who like to create havoc to the world? I was shocked enough to read the political crisis being evoked again in Bangkok yesterday. It was just a month ago, and I thought everything is settled now. I have been postponing my trip from 8 Sept to 20 Oct. I will be in the flight to Bangkok week after next. That bad news did shatter my heart.

Don't tell me that I am not be able to go again this time. If it is so, I would just cancel and will never postpone for the third time. Such a waste of money! Anyway, there is still no announcement of emergency status in Bangkok yet.

Pray that my family and I could enjoy the trip. And, come back to homeland in one piece.

Thursday, October 9

Trendy Maternity Clothing

Many people ask me whether I would still want another third baby in my life. I am still considering. Sometimes I really hope to have one more baby girl. A more gentle and girlish one. After all, there is no hurry since I have a boy and a girl already. The matter is, it is not easy to support a family with more than two kids at home.

I still remember those sweet days with them in my womb. I didn't have much morning sickness. I even could eat well, and sleep well. The most consoling was, I didn't get gain much weight after giving birth. That was because I didn't look plump and swollen during the nine months pregnancy. Here I am now, slim like before marriage. Thanks a lot to both my babies for loving mummy so much!

On the other hand, there was something which dissatisfied me instead while conceiving. I didn't have a nice maternity clothing at all within the two times pregnancy. I was just wearing those old-fashioned maternity long dresses given by my sister-in-law. I felt damn hot, but just bore with it, thinking of not wasting any money for any maternity clothing since I just needed them for nine months. Nowadays, there are so many Trendy Maternity Clothes in online stores. Why was I so thrifty that time?

If I were to conceive again, this skinny Paige Maternity Jeans is what I will definitely going to get. It attracts my eyes, and it doesn't seem to be like a maternity jean at all.

This Juicy Maternity Jeans looks nice too. I like its colour. Its material is stretchable and comfortable too.

Argh....feeling like wanting to have baby again! No lah......the confinement period was always nightmare to me.

Monday, October 6

Nine Gods Festival Procession

It has been years where I didn't join in the crowd for Nine Gods Festival procession each year. This time I decided to watch it with my kids yesterday morning. Troops from outstations were joining the procession this year. It was bright and sunny. Everyone was sweating, but we all enjoyed the scene.

Not only the Chinese, Indians and Malays took part in the event too. Some photos taken for sharing here. Couldn't take good photos as my son was pulling my leg wherever I went! ;p

One of the medium even pierced a fan through his mouth!! Yerrr....quite scary!

Thursday, October 2

Online Phone Book

It is so much easy to find someone you have lost contact or relatives or friends whom you have not seen for a long time. Your purpose can be achieved with the online Phone Book if the person you are looking for is within the 50 states in US country. The searching can be done by indicating first and last name, street address, city, and state of the owner. Details will be then provided promptly. You can somehow save up a lot in advertising with newspapers or other media.

Romance in "Painted Skin"

I thought this is an exciting movie, and I suggested to watch this with hubby last Monday night. I roughly glanced through the preview in the television and it seems to be exciting with story of war between human and spirits. This famous actress in the poster is indeed very attractive. She acts as a devil who hunts for human hearts.

A Nutshell Review

Based upon the classic literature of Liao Zai, Painted Skin is an adaptation of one of the stories that dwell on fox spirits. If you're someone expecting either a supernatural spook fest, or an amalgamation of ghosts and kung fu, you might be disappointed to find out that it's actually a romance through and through, with complicated relationships all around that you can weave a complex web of love and lust amongst the players involved.

Chen Kun plays Wang Sheng, a general whose army recently overrun the camp of a group of barbarians. In their battle, he rescues a beautiful girl from the grasp of the enemy, and brings her home out of pity and suggestive lust, given that she looks like Zhou Xun. OK, so Zhou Xun plays Xiao Wei, who unknowing to everyone else, is a fox spirit (touted always as beautiful beings in their human form) with an appetite for human hearts in order to maintain her beauty and youth.

Thus begins a tussle for General Wang's heart by both Xiao Wei and Vicky Zhao's Pei Rong, who is the dutiful and demure wife of Wang Sheng. Pei Rong is indeed wary and beginning to suspect Xiao Wei's supernatural abilities when a spate of killings surface with her arrival, but with no proof, Xiao Wei starts to sow discord between the man and wife in order to try and become the new Mrs Wang. It's quite an interesting attempt through the characters to tell of the varying degrees and types of love, one of possession in Xiao Wei's ruthless means to reach her objective, and one of sacrificing for the love and well being of the other half, as established through Pei Rong's selfless courage.

But that's not all. Throw in Donnie Yen as an ex-general Pang Yong, who also shares the hots for Pei Rong, and one time rival of Wang Sheng for her affections, a bumbling lowly ghostbuster Xia Bin (Sun Li) who is in possession of a fabled mythical weapon (opportunity to show off some special effects here, and quite a sight to behold too in its temporal usage) and denying her affections for Pang Yong, and Qi Yuwu as a lizard spirit whose infatuation with Xiao Wei ensures that she gets her fair share of food without the need to get her hands dirty. Connected the dots yet?

Fans of Donnie Yen will probably be a tad disappointed by his limited screen appearance, and for the most parts he's either playing the joker, where his jokes will likely be lost in translation, going by the English subtitles that didn't manage to truly capture the essence of his lines, and the remaining screen time having to see him execute some action, but nothing groundbreaking and not seen before. We know what Donnie Yen can do, and perhaps in seeking some form of redemption, the story has a flashback scene where he dons armor yet again (anyone remember the dismal result of An Empress And Her Warriors) and does battle in a scene which Jackie Chan has already stamped his authority on.

One could have expected the Gordon Chan is familiar with shooting decent action sequences, but you don't really get a lot of that in Painted Skin, save for some generic rooftop chase in the night, and a be all and end all finale where no punches got pulled, though it really got marred by all the tight shots that all you'd probably get to see is a blur. The narrative also got a little choppy in the mid section, and you do feel that a huge chunk of detail got summarized to keep it running generously under two hours, with subplots dropped that I suspect involved the growing affection and admiration between Pang Yong and Xia Bin, in order not to distract the audience from the main love triangle of Pang Yong, Xiao Wei and Pei Rong.

All in all, this is recommended for Zhou Xun's face off with Zhao Wei, especially with the former playing the temptress role to perfection. The last where we saw two prominent Chinese actresses square off was between Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li in Memoirs of a Geisha. Otherwise, Painted Skin held a lot of promise, but didn't deliver that level of oomph in its final product, lapsing into mediocrity throughout.

Hubby showed a bit bored while in the cinema, as the movie is purely about romance between human and spirits. There is one scene where the wife sacrifies her life for her husband from the evil of the fox spirit. Whereby the husband is willing to die with the wife, no matter how hard the fox spirit pleads to marry and love him. I somehow made fun of my hubby.

Me : If it is you, I think you would definitely go after the beautiful girl and forget your wife lor!

Hubby : *grinned* That man is really silly. Go ahead with the pretty girl first, why need to consider so much! Acting only la....

Me : >~< grrrr..... I think you want to die!

Hubby : =p