Sunday, August 31

Sexy Girls' Dance

Zenzo pub is running a lot of events lately. Hubby and his partners are truly working hard in making it a success. Zenzo is getting famous, and most of the youngsters know about this place nowadays.

Hubby invited me to his pub last Saturday to enjoy the sexy girls' dance show, in conjunction with the 'merdeka' countdown celebration. Well, the girls were pretty with good body shapes. They looked so sexy in their dance. They combined belly dance with modern dance. Those men were like drooling wolves. My friend teased that those men were like they haven't seen girls before! LOL

Enjoy the short video clip below ya....

Wishing all Malaysian,


Friday, August 22

Prom Dresses And Evening Gowns

I always dream to be one of the lovely girls in those childhood fantasy stories, where the beautiful princesses met their handsome princes in the palace parties. I know I was not born from the royal family, but I was hoping to meet my Mr. Right at the prom night during my university days. Unfortunately, there was no celebration like this in local university. Why couldn't I study in oversea country, so that I could experience the fun of being the most happy girl in the most beautiful prom dresses?

I haven't tried on any evening gowns in my life except the day of my wedding dinner. It was not so convenient for a bride to carry a handbag on that night. If not, I would definitely bring my favourite evening bags here.

Doesn't it attractive?

I guess I have not much chances to attend any ballroom dinner now, because I don't have any rich friends who will organise a wedding or any other family function in the hotel. Yes, there is one day in future that I am able to put on a gown. I can still put on the best 'Mother of The Bride Dresses' on my daughter's wedding day next time. :D

Monday, August 18

"Jacky Cheung" Live In Zenzo !

I had a great time with hubby and friends last Friday, as I could watch "Jacky Cheung" live in Zenzo! Haha! Yes, for sure, but this is the recond one from China, and not Hong Kong. His name is 'Wah Di ~ 华迪' . He has been participating in various singing contests in China and even in one of the TVB 'Pretend And Act' Competition (歌手模仿大赛) in Hong Kong. Hubby spent almost RM8k to invite this singer to our pub for one hour show.

When he first stepped out to the stage, I kind of laughed it out. He seemed to be very short to me, and I don't think he looks like the real 'Jacky Cheung'. After watching him for a while, I somehow find that he indeed looks slightly similar with the superstar. As his voice, sounds more alike when singing sentimental song. Of course, the standard compared to the real superstar is still not to the standard yet.

Have a look for yourself! What do you think?
Does he look like Jacky Cheung?

Friday, August 15

Frustrated Fingers!

What's wrong with the car key? Can anyone see it? Well, well, this is the misdeed of the little frustrating fingers of my dad! :D

My dad complained that this key was out of function, as the door couldn't be opened even he kept pressing a few times. He must have tried pressing and pushing the button with his finger nails. Haha.....And this is what I got in the end! Aiyo, I don't find anything wrong at all with it every time I use. Dad's fingers must be very angry at that time lor......LOL

Tuesday, August 12

Lake Property In Tennessee

Investing in lake property can be considerable if I were to be an millionaire. In the mid of browsing the internet pages, I read about Lake Property Tennessee on sale. The photos of lake view taken are so marvellous and attractive. The beauty of the nature has never made one so peaceful before. It is totally breathtaking. Look! I am just looking at the pictures here.

There are so many things can be done to develop the lake. The lake can be taken as a tourist spot on adventurous lake activities like boatings and fishing as well. I am a bit too far now. I haven't turned to be a millionaire yet! LOL

Pool Supplies For Spa

One of my friend who is a beautician, hopes to start an additional business on spa. She did ask me for my opinion. As a lady of today's world, I strongly agree with her idea. It is one of the trendy business line nowadays. Most of today's women are vain and very beauty conscious, especially those working women. They need some leisure time for relaxation and eliminating stress.

My friend is now determined to start her new business. I suggest her to look for some quality and low priced Pool Supplies for her salon. I promise that I will help her to search around in the internet as well.

Ehm....I am thinking. If I were to own a bungalow, I would also want a personal spa and swimming pool for my family. *sigh* I know it is just a dream.

The Wake vs The Funeral In Last Weekend

It was a solemn weekend. My grandaunt passed away last Saturday in her 80s. She was sick with kidney problem and had been lying on the bed since last year. It is the time for her relief. I attended the wake on Saturday night and out for the funeral on Monday morning. Most of the relatives were back for her last respect.

Somehow, there was not much crying and moaning, as my grandaunt died in peace with a loving smile. Yes, we were sad because we lost someone we love. Anyway, my aunts gathered and played mahjung at home. They would like to create a fun environment for my late grandaunt, as she was a 'kaki' in mahjung!

It was very seldom that the relatives gather like this. Maybe once or twice in a year. One of my aunt suggested that we organise a trip to Kuantan among the Law's family (my dad's maternal side), as we can visit some of the cousins there. We even discussed about Shanghai and US trip in days to come. We have relative at different countries. Sounds nice, but need to spend a lot. *sigh* Saying is easy. How far can the plans be succeed? Wait and see how. I would definitely love to join these outings with family and relatives.

Friday, August 8

Olympic In Beijing, 2008

I saw the opening just now in Astro Channel 816 at 8pm. I don't know what to say. I just can tell that I am impressed with the advance technology of China. The success of the grand Olympic opening ceremony reflects the power and its stand of China in the world. It stays competative to any other strong western countries, like the United States of America. We are exposed with the opportunity to learn more about the history of China's culture.

I am still waiting for any performance from the Hong Kong singers. That is what I got to know from the newspaper earlier. Well, today will be another new page to the world's historical day. Hope that all sports fans will enjoy each and every Olympic games in a month to come.

Wednesday, August 6

The Dark Knight 2008


(Spoiler free) Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale) continues to eliminate crime in Gotham City with the help of Lt. Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). The Dark Knight wants to finally get rid of organized crime for good and be free of their corruption. Batman soon finds that a new psychopathic mastermind known as the Joker (Heath Ledger) has taken over organized crime. After the fall of Carmine Falcone, the remaining crime bosses try to pick up the pieces. However, the Joker is killing them off one by one. The Joker's plan is to terrify the citizens and throw the city into chaos, and then kill Batman. Batman takes the fight with the Joker personal, which makes him confront his own beliefs. The Joker is the most dangerous criminal that Batman has encountered, and he will need all his strength and vigilance to defeat him.

Well, I don't have much confidence on it at first. I was there in the cinema, trying to get tickets for "The Mummy", but failed. This was not a very impressive movie, yet it lasts for 2 and a half hours. I found that the story was dragged too long. Maybe I didn't expect to watch it for more than two hours. By the way, the joker did pose a horror face to the audience. He was more scary than a real ghost. He acted in a very mean way in torturing and killing human. I guess this movie is not that suitable for young children somehow.

If you would like to read the entire content of the story, you may go to this link. Oh, the Batman is indeed very handsome. ^o^


Monday, August 4

Page Ranking Sustained!

Yahoo! I have finally sustained a PR 2 for this blog! Well, it doesn't come with any special, though there are not much paid posts to write in blogspot. At least it shows some good job to me. Frankly speaking, I very seldom update this blog. Maybe it is because of the keywords which give me some backlinks in here. Well, I know it will soon drop to '0' if I start loaded this blog with paid posts. Be it! Just make good use of the short time frame then. Can't expect too much now in this blogsphere, right?