Tuesday, February 24

Neways International Health Products

I am a little bit fear with news around about human nowadays being attacked by cancer so easily. The worst to it is, there are more and more cancer patients ranged from the young generations. This makes me so worry about my family and own kids.

This is what I do now......replacing home daily use products to Neways health products to minimize the expose of us to the harmful chemical substances.

I almost changed all my skincare products, hair shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, laundry wash and some of the cosmetic. There are proved shown that 25% causes of cancer come from the chemical substance like, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Fluoride, Animal Fat (Tallow), Aluminium, Collagen, Kaolin, Lanolin, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Artificial Colouring and Artificial Fragrances. Users are convinced to be safe from all these dangerous chemical substances from Neways products. Most of these health products are edible too. You won't die or poisoned even though you accidentally swallow the ingredients.

To me, health is the most important thing in life. Without health, there will never be prosperity and happiness! Agree?

Thursday, February 19

Signature Kitchen Showroom In Ipoh

It was the first time I stepped into Signature Kitchen Showroom located at Ipoh Garden South. I still can't figure out how to design my new house. My mind is completely blank. This red kitchen cabinets really attracted me.

The design looks so modern with sharp colour. I haven't thought that it could be so nice for a kitchen at home.

Looks simple but elegant.

This can be done if you own a bungalow. This design needs more space.

Signature Kitchen offers free design for potential customers. This is such a great value to me. Anyway, this company is known of its pricey products. I am not certain of whether to hand them my house layout for them to design. But, why not huh? Since it is free. Might as why get some idea out from them. I shall peek through other companies' showrooms before making any decision.

Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

HUG & KISSES from MummyInVain

Monday, February 9

Pray For Peace

The Chinese celebrate Chap Goh Meh as Valentine's Day in their culture. I didn't celebrate as I follow the western style. Well, it is somehow not much special to a married woman with children now. Just another reason for a special (in term of 'price') dinner.

Due to the world's economic downturn and the unstable political status in Perak, I guess this coming Valentine's Day would be a quiet one. I have told hubby not to buy anything for me and so do I, to save up our money. This would be a good news to him too .... ;p

I pray for peace in our living area. I really don't hope to hear any fighting or anyone get hurt all because of the greed among politicians. There are still some protestants around in town, and policemen are everywhere to keep them under control. Hope that they find a solution as soon as possible. I don't want the government to announce Perak in an emergency status one day like Bangkok last time. This may cause a lot of trouble to the residence.

Happy Chap Goh Meh !

Saturday, February 7

Shall I Continue My Piano Lesson?

Human always has a confused mind. We can't really remain in the current status for long. When we already have something, we would then think of another thing. Human will always not satisfied with what they have. Like me, I have been a SAHM for almost 10 months. I do enjoy it sometimes, but it also means that I don't have my own financial status. I feel like getting back to work, but must be a flexible job as I still need to take care of the kids.

I have found a piano school nearby my house here recently. I was told that the school is offering adult piano lessons. I am considering whether to further continue my piano skill since I had stopped at Grade 5 when I was 14 years old. I can then take around 4 years to complete Grade 8 and receive a certificate. I shall then be eligible to teach students. Frankly speaking, I don't have much confidence in myself. I am not quite sure whether I can persist my dream or not though my interest on it is not that high. My purpose is just to keep myself skillful to earn a living. I am worried that my parents and hubby would think that I am wasting my time and money.

Well, if really I were to play piano again, I guess I need some time to catch up the basic and soften my fingers. Not easy though.

Thursday, February 5

Review On All's Well Ends Well 2009

I vowed to watch "All's Well End's Well 2009" during Chinese New Year. Sounds a bit too serious huh! :p This is one of the ever popular comedy which I miss so much. I can still remember the entertaining "1992's All's Well End's Well" starring Leslie Cheung and Stephen Chow. Anyway, both of these movie don't carry the same content and characters. Watching this funny movie during the Chinese New Year brings me feel the festive mood.

General Sypnosis :-

Kei's (Ronald Cheng) eldest sister Sandra (Sandra Ng) is a hot-tempered magazine editor and her temperament has left her single all this while. One of the family rules is that none of the siblings could get married before their eldest sister. Kei seeks help from the famous Casanova, Koo Chai (Louis Koo), to pretend to court his eldest sister and lure her into the mood of love. With Sandra falling in love with Koo Chai, he in turn falls in love with another girl, Mun.

It is quite an insane and silly movie, especially when Sandra Ng appears in the role. I was amused and almost burst laughing into tears when I saw her rough and unpleasant gestures. I guess, if I were a man, I would not have her as my life partner......haha!


Monday, February 2

A Place Which Brings Good Fortune

The Chinese New Year holidays were quite occupied to me. We had family and relative gatherings as usual. We even had dinner in the restaurant with family. On the third day of the festive season, hubby, the kids and I went to Lenggong with his friends for river fish lunch. That was a famous place in a small village. Too bad, I had forgotten to snap some photos because too busy with the food. Hehehee.....

After lunch, we proceeded further away before reaching Gerik, to a famous Thai temple. This temple is well-known of its responses in prayers. That's what I heard. I'm not sure whether you have heard of that. I just can't tell its exact location as I'm not so familiar with the route.

Most of the people pray for their dream. Well, I didn't pray for the perfect breast augmentation uk though I hope so, but pray that my kids would be released from skin problem suffering forever. If I would like an effective plastic surgery, I wouldn't doubt but go for Mya Cosmetic Surgery as it is famous of its experienced surgeons and number of successful cases. I just need to go through a simple and safe procedure under quick recovery. Anyway, I really hope for my kids' health in the first place.

May we all be blessed !

May this car brings luck to the driver and passengers !

Believe it or not! This Goddess blessed tree may bring good fortune to you. How? And, what were these people doing there? They were trying their luck by rubbing on the tree trunk. Rub till you see the digits. Most of the people who bought the numbers had indeed made some money from it!!! We didn't try, as we didn't believe it at first. If we happen to visit again, I'm going to try my luck then.