Saturday, June 28

Fashionable Yoga Pants

I was desperately searching for yoga pants due to the wear-out of the old shorts. I thought of investing on those fashionable yoga pants which I found in the athletic shops. The outfits look very beautiful with the best comfort of material.

Below are some of the stylish flexible fits found in Victoria's Secret. Of course, these are a few among my favourites.

Ruffle-trim foldover yoga pant

Classic Yoga Pant

Side-stripe yoga pant

Crop foldover yoga pant & Ultimate tank

Crop foldover yoga pant

Yoga hot short

At first, I really has the urge to purchase one or two pieces of these hot yoga pants. After thinking twice, I gave up my intention. I am not willing to spend more than RM50 for just a pant only with the purpose of exercise. I would rather spend on blouses and dresses. Besides, I am a bit too short for these lovely yoga pants! =(

Guess what!!!!! ...................................

I bought these short pants from Parkson, for just only RM19.90 per piece! I can get three instead of one with the same amount spent! Who can spend wisely than me here! Haha......LOL

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Health Freak Mommy said...

I wld have done the same too. RM50 for a shorts is too expensive!