Thursday, June 19

My Birthday Celebration

Well, want to know how I celebrated my Big Day?

I thought that I would just have a common steamboat dinner with family and friends that night. To my surprise, we had second round after the dinner. We went to hubby's pub, Zenzo for cake cutting ceremony. Since we were so unwilling to dump our kids at home just like that, the children were joining us too. First time ever, we let our little ones to expose in a smoky and unhealthy environment.

My kids hopped around like wild monkeys as that was a totally new environment to them. They were interested in snookers too. But, they were too short! Must ask hubby to invest a baby snooker table set for our kids then.... LOL

Chocolate Banana from Secret Recipe by dear hubby!

My boy couldn't wait to cut the cake already. My girl looked so tired as it was already 10pm. Well, it was just a simple celebration, but everyone was happy that night. Of course, that was the best birthday gift I had. Happiness is the most precious in life! Agree?


New Kid on the Blog said...

the birthday party looks good... and you look young too!! :)

shoppingmum said...

Nah, still look good at 32 mah. LOL! Happy birthday, again...

PEARLY said...

Happy belated Birthday to u xxxx
sorry a bit lated .
woo lovely cake from your hubby huh . you are so right HAppy with family is the MOST important thing in life .
you look so sexy ......