Monday, June 16

Lost But Found!

It was my wedding ring again! I lost it on last Friday! I should report this in my blog and rant like no one in the first place, but I didn't as I was busy. How did it happen? It was all because of the creamy egg yolk pao which I ate at home. The cream stained on my fingers and ring. I was careless too! I was trying to wash the ring under the running tap. shoop! Withing a second, I could just hear the tingling sound between the basin and my ring, watching it flowing down together with the water!! It was deep inside, the drain underneath! My God! Gone! Forever!

My parents advised me to pour pails of water into the hole with the same drain attached in bathroom, while my dad kept watching outside the house at the back, hoping that the ring would be flushed out. Quite impossible then!

I looked for the help of our neighbour who works in piping and construction field.

He tried to flush in the water through the hole here, while using a long brush to spin out the rubbish. The ring might be stucked in between of the rubbish. It was quite an awful and dirty job. I missed the photo again.

The hard work was done for more than an hour till night fell, but still the ring didn't show up. I was about to give up. My neighbour gave ir a last chance, and to our surprise, it managed to roll out before we packed! This had been about the fifth time it went missing. The previous cases were due to my boy's itchy hand.

I felt bad. I should be happy to retrieve my babe, but it was already scratched! There may have thousands of germs sticking on it which I couldn't see. Blek!! I wish someone would buy a new ring for me. Bigger one, please.....sounds greedy huh! :P

Anyway, I'll still wear my ring as it is very meaningful to me. I have learnt my lesson. Make sure the hole in basin is blocked before washing any small parts.

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