Friday, June 13

Free Access To Astro On Demand

I haven't enjoyed series like this for a long time already. Thanks for Astro for giving a special privilege to us on free access to Astro On Demand dramas for a month!

AOD is showing Forensic Heroes II in this season. It is just the right timing! My mum and I have been fans for its Part I. We like its story line. We are very amazed with the interesting advance technique used in the government forensic division while investigating each crime. These outstanding group of chemists have proved to us that, "Evidence speaks the Truth!". The story is very exciting indeed. I am tailing the series like a dog these days till my eyes are blurred. Wow, I am fully occupied now! My mum blames me for seducing her into this situation.... :-D ........... Even my little Zi Wei is following us in this! Cham!

Well, well, the offer is until end of this month. I better arrange my schedule properly to ensure that I finish the 30 episodes series within this month. Yay!!

1 comment:

babyfiona said...

hehe, now should be finished edy lor the free 30 days :P

You can "D" the newest series at my Mushiemoshiu :P. The love exchange now showing on Astro is not bad ^^.