Tuesday, June 10

Guess Bags Collection

Although Guess bags can't compete well on their price with Louis Vuitton, Coach, .... etc. ~ that's all I know, as I'm not too fond of branded stuff, I think that they are beautiful. For people with average standard of life like me, Guess bags are considered very branded accessories to me. I would definitely not spend my money for cluthes or totes at more than a thousand ringgit! My heart will be aching if they are dirtied with stains. I can't take it. Anyway, if I were to receive it as a gift, that would be a different story. :-p

Ocean Drive Satchel

Dorothy E/W

Ibiza Metal Shopper

Soho Medium Satchel

Cheetah Mini Half Flap

Aren't they attractive and lovely?

I prefer my accessories to be in sharp colours. I seldom choose white as it's obviously seen when dirtied, even it looks nice. I have owned my first Guess bag in my life, and I precious it like my baby. Whenever I walk pass Guess store in Jusco, I just can't stop my eyes on those new trendy collections. Well, I remind myself that I can't follow the trend tightly like others. New items are always out almost every month. I must not waste money. I should save more for the petrol then.... hehe....or else I'll be locked at home. Then it will be worst!


Little Inbox said...

For me, I'm more conservative. Always stick to my favourite black, white, red...

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhhh..nice. i like them too but havent own any yet. hey, u come to kl lah...guess having 40% sales now on some of the bags ;)

Mummy In Vain said...

ooo, mommytochumsy, i really wish i can come and have those lovely bags.....but must cut cut my fingers...can't spend too much....i have 2 guess bags oredi on last valentines! :(