Friday, June 20

Ear Drum Inflammation

Don't know ever since when I am an allergic patient. I often down with running nose and sore throat these few years. I am in such a sick condition for more than two months. Getting well few days, sick again the following days. *sigh*

I have taken a lot of herbs and pills from the clinic too. Anyway, nothing works for me. I have no choice, but to visit another clinic doctor who has cured my mum earlier.

He checked me, and told me that there is inflammation in my eardrum. Of course, the throat is a bit swollen and reddened. Due to the inflammation, the Eustachian tube (refer the picture above) is a bit blocked. This is the tube in connection with the eardrum to the nose, if I'm not mistaken. That's the reason I have nose blocked, and may have a lot of phlegm. In the Chinese physician's view, it is always said to be heaty, caused by excessive intake of fried and grilled food. Anyway, in the western's view, the doctor claimed my condition to be a kind of allergy illness. Not any of the viral infection or sinus problem.

This is a life-long illness which can only be prevented, but not fully cured. Mostly it is dued to dust, extreme weather changes and routine habit. No wonder I often get nose blocked during my sleep and sometimes when having meals all the while. It makes me hard to breathe. Doctor advised me to buy a nose pump after I recover, and to continue the pump for 6 months. I just hope I can get out of this. I cough a lot today, and it really hurts. :(


New Kid on the Blog said...

Never know eardrom infection could have lead to so many sickness.

Liang Mui said...

wow.. get well soon.

nkb, not onli eardrums leading to others sickness, any organs in our body got sth wrong oso wil b like this. jus like my fren's mum who diagnosed with stone bladder (i think shld b call tis gua) and end up her liver and kidney got problem.. so ke lian...

Keith said...

I work in a health food store, and listenm to argumentsd on these things all the time.

I hope you get the best treatment. Ears should feel good. You deserve the best

U.Lee said...

Hello Mummy, Happy belated birthday to you. Wishing you many happy returns of the day with lots more to come.
Enjoyed looking at your! You're a very attractive mummy too. And beautiful kids. Good looking hubby too I must add.

Mummy, re your not feeling good, may I suggest you ...if not done so, try taking Chinese green tea, few cups a day, hot or cold, as a bottle of Bee Pollen' tablets, preferably with 'Royal jelly'...
go check it up on the net.

This Bee pollen is a health food, contains all the vitamins you will ever well it slows dow aging, keeps your skin complexion beautiful and wrinkles away.

My wife has been taking it (me too) past 30 years, she is 62, and only yesterday someone teased me I married a very young wife....she looks gorgeous, looks more 45, still can wear the same sarong on our first date 35 years ago as well the blue cheong sum the night I proposed to her in Penang...she brought them here.

I assure you, take one aday, within 2 weeks you will notice you feel energetic and feel so much better.
Lots of Hollywood actresses taking them too.
Check it out.
Best regards and hold that lovely smile, Lee.