Thursday, February 19

Signature Kitchen Showroom In Ipoh

It was the first time I stepped into Signature Kitchen Showroom located at Ipoh Garden South. I still can't figure out how to design my new house. My mind is completely blank. This red kitchen cabinets really attracted me.

The design looks so modern with sharp colour. I haven't thought that it could be so nice for a kitchen at home.

Looks simple but elegant.

This can be done if you own a bungalow. This design needs more space.

Signature Kitchen offers free design for potential customers. This is such a great value to me. Anyway, this company is known of its pricey products. I am not certain of whether to hand them my house layout for them to design. But, why not huh? Since it is free. Might as why get some idea out from them. I shall peek through other companies' showrooms before making any decision.

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