Monday, February 2

A Place Which Brings Good Fortune

The Chinese New Year holidays were quite occupied to me. We had family and relative gatherings as usual. We even had dinner in the restaurant with family. On the third day of the festive season, hubby, the kids and I went to Lenggong with his friends for river fish lunch. That was a famous place in a small village. Too bad, I had forgotten to snap some photos because too busy with the food. Hehehee.....

After lunch, we proceeded further away before reaching Gerik, to a famous Thai temple. This temple is well-known of its responses in prayers. That's what I heard. I'm not sure whether you have heard of that. I just can't tell its exact location as I'm not so familiar with the route.

Most of the people pray for their dream. Well, I didn't pray for the perfect breast augmentation uk though I hope so, but pray that my kids would be released from skin problem suffering forever. If I would like an effective plastic surgery, I wouldn't doubt but go for Mya Cosmetic Surgery as it is famous of its experienced surgeons and number of successful cases. I just need to go through a simple and safe procedure under quick recovery. Anyway, I really hope for my kids' health in the first place.

May we all be blessed !

May this car brings luck to the driver and passengers !

Believe it or not! This Goddess blessed tree may bring good fortune to you. How? And, what were these people doing there? They were trying their luck by rubbing on the tree trunk. Rub till you see the digits. Most of the people who bought the numbers had indeed made some money from it!!! We didn't try, as we didn't believe it at first. If we happen to visit again, I'm going to try my luck then.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

i hope your wishes will come true :)

Anonymous said...

I heard this place b4, but never been there.
Yeah, hope your wish come true