Thursday, February 5

Review On All's Well Ends Well 2009

I vowed to watch "All's Well End's Well 2009" during Chinese New Year. Sounds a bit too serious huh! :p This is one of the ever popular comedy which I miss so much. I can still remember the entertaining "1992's All's Well End's Well" starring Leslie Cheung and Stephen Chow. Anyway, both of these movie don't carry the same content and characters. Watching this funny movie during the Chinese New Year brings me feel the festive mood.

General Sypnosis :-

Kei's (Ronald Cheng) eldest sister Sandra (Sandra Ng) is a hot-tempered magazine editor and her temperament has left her single all this while. One of the family rules is that none of the siblings could get married before their eldest sister. Kei seeks help from the famous Casanova, Koo Chai (Louis Koo), to pretend to court his eldest sister and lure her into the mood of love. With Sandra falling in love with Koo Chai, he in turn falls in love with another girl, Mun.

It is quite an insane and silly movie, especially when Sandra Ng appears in the role. I was amused and almost burst laughing into tears when I saw her rough and unpleasant gestures. I guess, if I were a man, I would not have her as my life partner......haha!


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