Monday, February 9

Pray For Peace

The Chinese celebrate Chap Goh Meh as Valentine's Day in their culture. I didn't celebrate as I follow the western style. Well, it is somehow not much special to a married woman with children now. Just another reason for a special (in term of 'price') dinner.

Due to the world's economic downturn and the unstable political status in Perak, I guess this coming Valentine's Day would be a quiet one. I have told hubby not to buy anything for me and so do I, to save up our money. This would be a good news to him too .... ;p

I pray for peace in our living area. I really don't hope to hear any fighting or anyone get hurt all because of the greed among politicians. There are still some protestants around in town, and policemen are everywhere to keep them under control. Hope that they find a solution as soon as possible. I don't want the government to announce Perak in an emergency status one day like Bangkok last time. This may cause a lot of trouble to the residence.

Happy Chap Goh Meh !

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