Monday, March 2

Unconfident In Foreign Maids

There are more and more serious cases about foreign maids hurting their bosses and mistresses. The trembling recent news about the vicious attack of a maid to her lady boss. That was not just a minor harming but was considered an attempt murder case. The news can be read from here.

Today, I'm very certain that I'm not going to take any Indonesian maid when I move to my new house. I rather spend money for having maid-on-call. The maid just needs to come in by appointment and work for few hours and then leave the house. Isn't it better not to have extra burden at home? I do not need to worry the kids when I'm out, and I can save up for the maid's expenses like food and clothing.

Life will be more peaceful and healthy without a maid at home. Of course, there is no doubt we still need help on house cleaning some time.

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Johnny Ong said...

i'm having those hourly maids once a week .... no need for them to stay in or even bring them along when u go out for weekend meals with family