Friday, March 27

Earth Hour 2009 Campaign

I'm here to remind everyone about the Earth Hour campaign tomorrow, 28 March 2009! Will you support and practise it? Actually, do you know about it? Just switch off the lights at your place from 8:30pm-9:30pm to show your love and care to the Earth. Yes, as simple as that to stop global warming. Of course, we should try to avoid using other electrical appliances at that hour. We can have some home activities fun with family members like telling ghost stories, singing, playing piano, eating, .......etc. We better don't smoke or drive the car as this pollutes the environment too.

There are many comments about this campaign. Some support it, but some protest it. One of my friend thinks that this kind of campaign is nonsense. In his opinion, the authority should impose high tax for those companies which cause enviroment hazzard. The money obtained should be used to educate the people about going green and ways to stop pollution. Yes, he is right too. We should practise the environment friendly acts everyday and not just an hour in a year! I am so naive and haven't thought of it.

Anyway, I will still support the campaign if I can. I will be in my parent-in -law's house and I'm not sure whether they will practise or not. No matter how, if it doesn't harm anyone or anything, just do your little part to save the Earth and us!

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