Wednesday, March 11

What Is Your Main Purpose To Pursue Study?

I am a bit mad and disappointed with what my parents said this afternoon. Till today only I understand how they look at me. They didn't say it harsh but instead in a more joking manner. They mentioned out that they regret to afford me till university as I have wasted their money for not being employed now.

I am really confused of the purpose to pursue study till higher level. All the time I thought that the more we study, it helps to shape up a knowledgeable and reasonable mind in a person. Despite that, my parents think that a degree certificate is very important for someone's future in work. The degree holder should work according to his subject field and earn more money. What for waste money if not doing in that field after completing study? And somemore being a home maker after marriage like me now!

I was frustrated. I answered back that I'd love to go back to work if not because of my kids. I rather stay in socialise with more friends than staying at home, yelling away while parenting. Furthermore, I'm considered 'working' without pay! Why? Why are my parents' thinking so conservative? Things which they experience are just too little.

Am I really so free and nothing to do while at home? If so, why can't I find time sitting down reading some magazines and newspapers? Not even to the toilets!! Ridiculous!

So, what is your opinion of the main purpose to pursue study?


Shuo said...

Main purpose of further study is to develop the mind so that we couldn't be cheated by others. Just remember not to think the same way if ever your daughter goes to university and then later quit her job to become a fulltime home maker, ya? :-)

Coketai said...

I understand how much sacrify you have devoted to your family because my wife told me the same thing : If not because of the kids, she will rather go back to work.
As a full time mum, I agreed basically you work full time + Overtime, 7 days a week, 365 days without leave.
Let me answer your question:
To gain knowledget which included studing is to be a better person, to be better mum and to be better wife so whose can claim that to play all these role you don't need to study???

Take it easy!! Your parent belong to a different generation...That's why you have this word call "generation gap"!!!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

our parents (especially Asians) have this kind of thinking. Guess they have high hopes on the children as they have saved hard for their education. Of course, they expect the children to have a good career and comfortable life. Don't be angry with them lah :) As long as you are happy, I am sure they are happy for you too.

Mummy In Vain said...

Thank you so much for your advice. After listening to you all, I feel much better. At first I was quite mad too, but now no more. Sometimes hubby doesn't even understand too. He also thinks that I'm very free as he seldom stays at home. Never mind, as long as I feel it's right to choose such path. :)

Linda said...

A lot of people said that to me too.. but who cares... what they say is the reality... i did go study overseas study with a degree, even a master.. and now i am a fulltime housewife.... :)

I know i wasted a lot of my time and my parents money, but with that i am what i am today.. a better person... (i think)

I also made the same joke a lot to my younger female cousin, why study so high, waste parents money, at the end also become a housewife...

Don't take the comment too seriously. ok?! :)

thanks for dropping by my blog..