Tuesday, April 7

'Hubby' Kisses 'My' Butt !

What's this? Why talking something so privacy here? Are you thinking something naughty? Hahaha........ don't be mistaken from the title I wrote here!

This was what happened! Hubby's car kisses My car's butt !

Actually it was all my fault! I didn't pay attention while reversing my car this morning. Hubby used to park his car across the road right in front of my house. I was going to take my girl to school at 7:15am just now. My son woke up at that time and he ran towards the entrance calling me. Me, so adore the little boy, and kept waving to my boy while reversing my car. By the time I heard the beep from the sensor, there was already a "bang" !

I told hubby the 'good news' once he woke up. He could say nothing but just shoke his head. Careless me, have to spend extra on repairing car again! *sigh*


Little Inbox said...

Oh oh, it's "your butt" kissed your hubby. The other way round.

Coketai said...

Take it easy...once a while it happend! Luckily it was just an inernal issue!! Think positive if it was involve an 3rd party accident, it will be more trouble!!!


Anonymous said...

Try to send to polish, maybe can safe it without re-paint :), mine also been kisses last Saturday.

Wang said...

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little prince's mummy said...


PureGlutton said...

Oh dear! But I'm sure this can be settled by the bedside, LOL!

4udiary said...

I think send to polish can be done..
I got a way that can bring ur blog post traffic to million...:)

Sasha said...

aiyok!!! Next time dun get too excited waving to yr kid ler..

eh i think u better change yr blog post title cos its inviting alot of xxx sites. i kena once before and they'll come and spam everyday!

Everyday Healy said...

Money is meant to spend.I still consider you lucky as you are still safe. That's more important. Cheer up! :)

Mumzzy said...

accidents happen...no worries, luckily no one got hurt!

reanaclaire said...

hahaha...the butt will cost, right? anyway, just scratches.. my car has that on all the four corners and even the doors.. i didnt even do anything yet.. expensive to spray the whole car..

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Alice Law said...

Hi, hopping from Claire's blog! LOL! No worries, that happened quite often in life... accident mar!;)

Have a nice day!

K-Baby said...

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