Wednesday, January 14

Pasta Pot Arrived

Based on my earlier post about my victory in receiving a pasta pot for free, it has arrived at my doorstep yesterday morning. It is aluminium inset base, and it can cook 500g of pasta each time.

This pot has a lock-in draining lid, and that's why it has many tiny holes on top. It is kind of useful as it can be used for cooking porridge too. Really appreciate my friend, Sue Sue for her gift. It seems like my early housewarming gift.....hehe....

I have to find out more recipes for spaghetti, penne and macaroni. They are my girl's favourite. Where else? Details can be found in Sue Sue's cooking blog then. She is a great cook.

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Coketai said...

Well! I has lost your link some time ago and by accidently I found it in other blog! Anyway it is good to read your entries again.

Before I forget: I would like to wish you Happy Chinese New year and A Prosperous year for your hubby bisiness.