Friday, January 9

I Have Won A Pasta Pot !! Yipee!

I am so so lucky! I am so so happy! I am so so excited! I am so so grateful to my sponsor, Sue Sue who has released her love as my New Year gift! Yup, I have won myself a pasta pot worth RM180 from her! Do check out how I was picked from her list. My luck was given all because of this little boy, Ee Thern. He has chosen me out of the long dreaded list.

Sue Sue has requested me for my mailing address, and I'll soon be receiving my present next week. I love this gift as I can cook all kinds of pasta for my kids even though I still don't know how to use. They love to eat especially spagetthi. I wonder I can use it just like the way of an usual pot.

Will soon publish another update post once I receive my surprise.

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