Monday, January 19

Most Expensive Pair Of Shoes In Life

When I heard someone who spent more than hundred to buy a pair of shoes, I will always tell myself that I won't do that. I believe that I would rather spend on clothings than just a pair of shoes, as it will wear off very fast. But then, I have done something which is right against my principle last Friday.

RM125 after 10% discount !

I was desperately looking for a pump for the coming Chinese New Year. I thought one pair would be definitely more than enough.

Before stepping out of the shop, I spotted another pair on the shelf. The owner told me that they have put this pair of clog sandal under promotion.

Extra RM62 spent on the same day!

I was a bit regret after that, because this clog like sandal is not good to wear at all. I think it won't last long too. Either it wears off quickly or being dumped by me in the trash bin! That's called "women" !!!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

nice shoes :) kinda expensive for non-leather eh?

Anonymous said...

Some costly because of fashion, but some it really because of the quality...