Sunday, September 28

Nine Gods Festival Celebration

Time flies, a year passed and here is the Nine Gods Festival celebration again starting today! Remember those days in my teenage life, where I hoped so desperately to walk to the temple behind my house and watched the opera and singing performance there. The festival always fell on my school examination days, and I was forced to stay at home doing revision while my ears were pricking up for the music and songs from the temple.

These are the buns that are sold during the festival. My family enjoy the buns so much, especially my two kids. We call these "tortoise buns ~ because of the shapes" and "longevity peaches ~ believe to lead a long life after eating". Actually I can walk to the temple whenever I want. There are so much varieties of vegetarian food there. Yet, I was now too lazy to join the crowd. I don't like vegetarian food though. I will only step in the temple to pray on one of the days. Thinking changes when one grows older.

This festival lasts for nine days, as each of the God will be accompanied to the temple each night. There will be a great procession this Sunday morning. I want to watch it with the kids. I wonder how we could squeeze in the crowds on the street. Someone has to carry my boy along the way walking on the street. I will die if it is me. I wonder whether I should bring the kids along....hemm...

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