Tuesday, September 2

Go Or Not To Go To Bangkok??

I'm in great dilemma. After all the months I've been waiting, next Monday would be my flight to Bangkok with family and friends. But, the breakout news about Bangkok in the state of emergency has made me worried. My parents are worried that the demonstration would create some unforseen danger of chaos during our visit in the city. And, somemore I'm bringing my kids along.

Can anyone give any advice here? Everyone is so excited about the trip already. How could I tell the kids the truth and spoil their expectation? They have been reminding me again and again about their trip in September since few months ago. :(

Let's see how it goes. Hopefully the Thai citizens would be calmed down very soon.


Claudia said...

sorry,my english is very bad but I learned your post.Understood more and less ( kkkkk )

Have a good travel,God bless you and you don´t have any problems in these local.

Go to Bangkok...and write nice posts and pictures in your post.

I guess if you don´t go in bad locals,you will be fine.

Mummy In Vain said...

thanks for concern....but we have postponed lor...=(