Wednesday, September 24

About A Friend ......

Before we started our yoga lesson this morning, there was a small celebration been carried on. Our instructor has bought a jackfruit cake to celebrate one of her student's birthday. The birthday 'woman' is somehow a woman in her sixties. We all call her 'Ah Ling'. Haha....this fella even asked each of us to give her a big kiss as birthday present! =D

She is a very friendly and funny person. She often acts like our monitor in the class. She will remind and help us if we pose wrongly in yoga. She jokes around with us, to make everyone happy and forget about the toughness while doing yoga. Not everyone can be the one breaking the ice in class.

I admire her. I hope that I can be like her too, to be able to lead a happy life forever and to mingle around with everyone so closely. It is indeed a wide knowledge to pick up.

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