Tuesday, August 12

The Wake vs The Funeral In Last Weekend

It was a solemn weekend. My grandaunt passed away last Saturday in her 80s. She was sick with kidney problem and had been lying on the bed since last year. It is the time for her relief. I attended the wake on Saturday night and out for the funeral on Monday morning. Most of the relatives were back for her last respect.

Somehow, there was not much crying and moaning, as my grandaunt died in peace with a loving smile. Yes, we were sad because we lost someone we love. Anyway, my aunts gathered and played mahjung at home. They would like to create a fun environment for my late grandaunt, as she was a 'kaki' in mahjung!

It was very seldom that the relatives gather like this. Maybe once or twice in a year. One of my aunt suggested that we organise a trip to Kuantan among the Law's family (my dad's maternal side), as we can visit some of the cousins there. We even discussed about Shanghai and US trip in days to come. We have relative at different countries. Sounds nice, but need to spend a lot. *sigh* Saying is easy. How far can the plans be succeed? Wait and see how. I would definitely love to join these outings with family and relatives.

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