Monday, August 18

"Jacky Cheung" Live In Zenzo !

I had a great time with hubby and friends last Friday, as I could watch "Jacky Cheung" live in Zenzo! Haha! Yes, for sure, but this is the recond one from China, and not Hong Kong. His name is 'Wah Di ~ 华迪' . He has been participating in various singing contests in China and even in one of the TVB 'Pretend And Act' Competition (歌手模仿大赛) in Hong Kong. Hubby spent almost RM8k to invite this singer to our pub for one hour show.

When he first stepped out to the stage, I kind of laughed it out. He seemed to be very short to me, and I don't think he looks like the real 'Jacky Cheung'. After watching him for a while, I somehow find that he indeed looks slightly similar with the superstar. As his voice, sounds more alike when singing sentimental song. Of course, the standard compared to the real superstar is still not to the standard yet.

Have a look for yourself! What do you think?
Does he look like Jacky Cheung?

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Eva's said...

wah .. he really look like Jacky Cheung.