Wednesday, July 23

Tips On Soothing Tired Eyes

Our eyes are the window of soul, and from this phrase we understand how important the eyes to us. Just imagine one day, your world is totally black with no colours in life! Could you ever live with these days?

I am however quite worried of my eyes. I often suffer from headache, or can say migraine which causes both my eyes to be very tired as well. I suspect it may due to the increase power of short-sighted in eyes. It is no doubt as I sit in front of my laptop for hours each day. Yet, I haven't gone for eye checking.

Hence, I would like to share some tips on soothing tired eyes.

1) Invest in a polarized monitor filter to your computer to lessen the stress put upon your eyes by reducing glare;

2) Relax and keep the eyes mobile by standing up and focus on a distant point, swaying gently from side to side. Blinking is one of the way to clean and lubricate the eyes;

3) Try indulging in a professional eye treatment with massage once a month;

4) Apply hot towel and compress it to your closed eyelids before ending with a cold compress. This helps open up the small blood vessels of the eyeballs, and therefore relieve eye-strain;

5) One of the easiest but most effective way is, to get a good night sleep each night.

I shall fully practising the steps. Hopefully I will be freed of migraine problem from now on.

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