Wednesday, July 9

Baking Business?

Lovelymummy and I have been SAHM since May this year. Yes, we enjoy staying at home and taking care of our kids. We appreciate that we are granted such moment. Anyway, we did sit down and chit-chat twice every week while having breakfast after our yoga lessons.

We somehow feel that if we could earn some pocket money while being at home, that would be terrific. At least, we are convinced that we are still capable besides being a nanny. We discussed about what business we should involve in. I came out an idea. Why not we start baking business! My dear friend here agreed and suggested that we shall learn to bake cookies. We discussed our future plans on what to use, where to get the ingredient sources, and recipes on baking cookies. My friend even thought of the places we shall distribute our cookies for sale! Gee...we do have far view! LOL

When I tried to convey my plan to my mum that day, she somehow poured cold water on me. My mum reminded me that people would only buy cookies during Chinese New Year! People would spend more on bread and cakes on normal days. She is right! I didn't take this into consideration at all. So silly.....Maybe I can start baking cakes and buns for business instead. ^.^

Anyway, my friend and I will go home and take deep hesitation whether to take the move. No more 3 minutes job! Really worried I am. :D


Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow..this is a good idea la!! you can still bake cookies but special ones like those sold at the cafes...big choc chips/pecan nuts. something different and not places have them in ipoh :) coffee bean/starbucks/subways have these cookies.

shoppingmum said...

I know someone who bake and sell. She's doing well because she has orders from frens and network. Can work wan, if you know how to bake birthday cakes!