Friday, July 18

Shop Till I Broke !

It was the annual Jusco Day Sales yesterday. Discounts was from 20% to 70%! How could I not gone crazy??!! The kids' clothing were so cheap. A nice, pretty blouse was only at less than RM12!! Kids jeans, either short or long pants and also the jean skirts were less than RM50! These could only be found once in a year.

No one can imagine how mad I was yesterday! I guess not even me, other women (especially those 'silai') purchased clothes like they were free!! I dare not tell my hubby that I spent over RM700 mainly on kids' clothes! Of course, I did buy socks, underwears and two shirts for hubby. I obtained discount vouchers with a total value of RM95. Anyway, by subtracting the vouchers' value, I spent only RM600 something. =p *slap head*

People say that it is now the bad economic time. I don't think so. The car parks were full when I arrived at 9am in Jusco. I doubt whether the starting business hour was 9am or 8am! Maybe those people wanted to save more by purchasing cheap stuff. Well, well, I have to store up some of the newly bought clothing for next year's Chinese New Year then.


Little Inbox said...

I went to Jusco here in Queensbay Mall last night, and the whole level of car park are almost empty. Where's all ppl go?

Mummy In Vain said... sales, so no people come lo.. :D

Zooropa said...

Yeah 'coz of bad economy, there are sales quite often try to boost up a bit! Anyway, I enjoyed buying a lot of stuffs too during Jusco Sales.