Friday, October 10

Anion Clothing Using Teviron Technology

This is one of the new technology I found recently. Actually anion clothing is being introduced in Japan for more than 30 years. Followed by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia has just accepted it in year 2006.

The anion clothings are designed using Teviron technology. They are made in high quality material with amazing negative ion technology. It is believed to solve all kinds of diseases and problems in body.

There are so many good testimonials about the effectiveness of anion clothings. Those customers praise the products as miracles. From the book I read, it says that anions are important to balance the pH to slight alkaline in body. This helps to conquer cancer cells. In my opinion, I feel that any cancer patients should give a possible try on the anion clothings if financially supported. A safer way than radiotherapy though.

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