Monday, November 17

This Made Me Stoned!

Aside of my Bangkok story, I was somehow quite unsatisfied with hubby last night. While sms with my best friend, I was told that she just came back from Genting Highlands after Hacken Lee concert last night. I was kind of 'jealous' as her hubby treats her nice and always brings her on short trips in weekends. I have been longed for an experience in the huge hall for concert.

My hubby suddenly rang after my sms talk. I blamed hubby for not bringing me anywhere as he is always working. I accused him for not treating me good. Of course, I related my friend's story to him. Guess what he said!

Hubby: "Ok, Ok, I'll bring you to ANITA MUI's concert next time !!!!????"

How should I react then??? *red face; stoned*


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahahahhahah......this is funny. For a while there, I was thinking..waaahh..your hubby is so nice to take you to Anita Mui's concert next time :P

Yeah..your best friend is so lucky to see Hacken Lee's concert eh? ;)

Mummy In Vain said...

yes, she u know who? lovelymummy lor.....