Sunday, October 19

Blog Break To Bangkok

I thought I can't go at first, due to my kids. They are suffering bad reverse reaction after taking the Poron and 'Sam Tong Char'. I have been changing my mind again and again on to go and not to go. The kids are staying at my mum's place for sure. They can't walk well now. No choice, their tickets have to be wasted.

Today, their condition seem to be better. Most of the boils are dried and their wounds are drying as well. They just need to have more rest and move less. Since I don't want to waste my tickets, hubby and I have decided to go for the flight early tomorrow morning. My parents have agree to take care of them both for me.

Hopefully, my kids will recover completely when I'm back. I'm actually a bit worried that there might be any outbreak when I'm away. I've told my mum to call me if anything worse happen. Hubby and I would fly back immediately. God bless them! *finger crossed*

I may not be writing for a week. I still owe my friend's a tag here. Hope she doesn't mind. I'll surely miss my kids a lot. This trip is supposed to be planned for them. :(

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