Tuesday, April 29

Back To Freshy! Welcome ME!


I think those who know me as "Mummy In Vain" can guess what happen here! Proceeding the corruption of all my ancestor blogs in blogspot, I'm back again, as a total freshy to the blogsphere. Let's welcome ME, and my new blog with new url, http://mummyinvainslifejournal.blogspot.com/ ! Hope that my readers and friends would still follow my posts and link me in their blogs.

I have no choice but to abandon all my previous blogspots. I have then wasted all my effort throughout the years. What to do? I have to start everything new again! Like climbing stairs from the first step again! Sad and frustrated!! :(

I shall copy some of my previous posts from the old one. Pray and hope that everything would soon be fine then.....Really wasting time to start everything all over again.

1 comment:

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhh..now i know what happened. Bummer.